Cartography table in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

If Minecraft players wish to change their map or add features to it, the cartography table is the place to go. This table is the job site block for the cartographer villager.

It's pretty easy to find this block in villages in Minecraft. This block can be found inside the cartographer's hut. It is not too hard to spot due to its appearance, it is a brown block with an image of a map sitting on top of it.

Players can map the terrain of the world that they are traveling using a cartography table. They can add additional markers to it, and they can pinpoint the location of their house/spawn so they can remember how to get back to it.

It is also noticeable when a cartography table is nearby due to the carpet on the floor. Most of the time there is carpet near or surrounding the table. If players see this carpet, they should look around to check for a table.

In this article, Minecraft players will learn everything that is needed to know about cartography tables in the game.

What players need to know about the Minecraft Cartography table

How to get one

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Players can get a cartography table using one of two methods. They can either search around villages for them, or they can craft them themselves using resources from the Minecraft world.

Players can craft the table using wooden planks and paper in the crafting menu. One of these tables can also be found inside the cartographer hut inside of villages located randomly around the world.

How to craft it

(Image via quora)
(Image via quora)

If a player chooses to craft the table instead of finding one, they will need to locate paper and wood. Players will need to turn the wood into wooden planks instead of wooden logs.

Paper can easily be found located in village chests or they can craft the paper using three sugar canes in Minecraft. Wood can be found almost anywhere in Minecraft. Wood can be taken from trees around the world or players can even mine some of the village huts for the planks.

It isn't hard to make wooden planks though. The player will only need one log in order to make four wooden planks. Luckily they will only need one piece of wood hence a cartography table only requires four wooden planks.

How to use the table

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Players will use the table by right clicking it to open up the table menu. The two left squares are the input squares, and the one on the right is the output square. The right box is where the finished product will be.

Maps can be renamed or made larger by adding a map that is already opened and a piece of paper in the two left boxes. This feature can be used up to four times to make the map larger.

If the player is playing with other people, the map will show where the other Minecraft players are located in the world using little color markers.

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