DanTDM Minecraft seed, server, skin, world and more revealed

Daniel Robert Middleton aka DanTDM (Image via DanTDM on YouTube)
Daniel Robert Middleton aka DanTDM (Image via DanTDM on YouTube)

Daniel Robert Middleton, better known as DanTDM in the online world, is an English YouTuber best known for his game commentaries and his Minecraft hardcore series. DanTDM was formerly known as TheDiamondMinecart.

Dan has become one of the most famous British Minecraft content creators on youtube, with 25.3 million subscribers on his main channel and 626k subscribers on his shorts channel as of 27th June, 2021.

DanTDM's channel has more than 17 billion lifetime views. Because of his exponential growth, The Sunday Times ranked Dan in the UK'S top 100 influencer list of 2019.

One of the most crucial parts of DanTDM's YouTube channel is his Minecraft hardcore series which ended on April 3rd 2021, after he dies in his world from a vex.

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More about DanTDM's Minecraft content

DanTDM's Minecraft seed


One of the most famous series made by Dan was his Minecraft hardcore world series which he started back on July 28th 2018. His first video of the series had more than 13 million views.

When Dan started his hardcore world, he spawned in a Snowy taiga biome next to a desert biome.

This attracted a lot of his viewers who were then curious about his Minecraft seed which is 1835400098908056594. Unfortunately, this seed is for Java edition; therefore, bedrock edition players cannot play this on their device.

DanTDM's server


Shady oaks SMP is the name of Dan's survival server for old YouTubers. YouTubers such as iBallisticSquid and Thinknoodles have played on Dan's SMP server. Dan's SMP series is still being continued on his channel with nine videos in total.

DanTDM's Minecraft skin

DanTDM's Minecraft skin (Image via
DanTDM's Minecraft skin (Image via

DanTDM's skins are one of the cleanest skins of any YouTuber in Minecraft. His old Minecraft skin has blue hair as he had in real life, but now he has brown hair.

His current Minecraft skin has brown hair that wears a cool dark jacket with blue jeans and a golden belt.

Dan's world


DanTDM's most famous Minecraft world is his hardcore world which he named 'i might hate this.' The Minecraft world was created and played on version 1.14 of Java edition.

The hardcore series on YouTube has 80 episodes, and the series ended on April 9th 2021, as Dan died to a vex.

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