Dream puts BadBoyHalo as "number 1" in tweet for top 10 times Minecraft YouTubers swore

Dream jokingly called out BadBoyHalo for swearing (Image via Dream and BadBoyHalo)
Dream jokingly called out BadBoyHalo for swearing (Image via Dream and BadBoyHalo)

Every other week, Minecraft star Dream comes out of nowhere and puts up a funny tweet, and leaves social media without saying anything else. In rare cases, fans may get a few more comments from him.

Today, Dream called out his friend BadBoyHalo for swearing in a hilarious tweet. The internet star ranked BadBoyHalo at number one for the top ten times Minecraft YouTubers swore.

It is funny since BadBoyHalo is famous for reminding his friends to mind their "language" when they swear by mistake.

Darryl "BadBoyHalo" Noveschosch is an unofficial member of the phenomenal Dream Team, compromising him, Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, and Dream. The team rose to popularity with the massive success of Dream's Minecraft Manhunts. These players also often interact with each other in a series of online tweets.

Minecraft star Dream claims BoyBoyHalo swears the most

BadBoyHalo is famous for using his iconic phrase, "language", everywhere whenever a person swears in front of him. Fans have seen Bad do this many times in Minecraft manhunts and Dream SMP streams.

Dream took to Twitter to make fun of BadBoyHalo by mentioning him as number one in a list of "Top 10 times Minecraft YouTubers SWORE." His friends often troll Bad for not swearing.

However, like almost every streamer, BadBoyHalo also had a few rare moments where he ended up swearing in front of his viewers.

Fans may remember a similar series of tweets by Dream back in September saying "top 5 gay Minecraft YouTubers," where he mentioned Sapnap twice on the list.

BadBoyHalo even replied to Dream's tweet with an image of his pet dog Rat, saying:

"Your face when I beat your ace race time."

Dream replied with another adorable pic of Rat on the fence, saying:

"At trying to escape from you."

The hilarious exchange of tweets ended with BadBoyHalo's last reply:

"Only so she can come beat you up."

Fans soon raided the initial tweet with their comments. Here are some great reactions and responses:

The entire thread became a fest for fans as they replied with tons of memes and hysterical replies. Dream may even reveal some more names for this list in the coming days.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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