Top 5 Dream Minecraft controversies of all time

Dream's Minecraft avatar (Image via Dream)
Dream's Minecraft avatar (Image via Dream)

Ever since gaining online fame, Minecraft star Dream has been at the center of many infamous controversies. In many of these cases, he has been the one at fault.

Dream is among the fastest-growing YouTubers and Twitch streamers. He has been creating content on the former since 2014 but didn't find any success until five years later. After his breakthrough, the young streamer continued growing at an extraordinary speed.

In two years, Dream has amassed over 24 million subscribers on YouTube. Such a massive increase in followers is no ordinary feat. However, fame brings many problems as well, which is what is discussed below.

YouTube star Dream's infamous Minecraft controversies

5) Manhunt merchandise

Like almost every other content creator, Dream also has his merchandise available for fans. But, for this faceless YouTuber, his merch ended up causing controversies, as it was called out for being "overpriced" and "boring" by many people online.

One of his Manhunt merchandise brought outrage as it was just a free image of a hatchet printed on a t-shirt. Many people complained how Dream is just selling simple designs to his fans at unreasonably high prices.

4) Manhunt with Notch

Minecraft's creator Markus "Notch" Persson has faced many controversies and hatred for his social and political opinions. Last year, Dream and GeorgeNotFound played Manhunt with Notch. It was like any other manhunts but with the creator of Manhunt himself.

However, due to Notch's past controversies, Dream was criticized for playing with him. After almost getting canceled, Dream removed the video from his channel.

3) PewDiePie x Dream drama

Recently, Dream called out PewDiePie for using him as a clickbait in his video titled "Top 10 streamers caught cheating."

He further stated via a tweet that the situation was a "circle of YouTube" as, in the past, Dream gained popularity by clickbaiting PewDiePie's Minecraft series' fame.

2) Glow squid voting

Dream's massive influence on the Minecraft community was clearly visible at Minecon 2020. Mojang holds a mob vote at Minecon to let the community decide the next new mob. At last year's mob vote, Dream asked his fans to vote for glow squids.

Following his lead, many YouTubers asked their fans to vote for glow squids, including MrBeast, Fundy, and more. As a result, fans of Iceologer and Moobloom were angry at Dream fans for rigging the mob vote.

1) Speedrun cheating scandal

Dream's speedrun cheating scandal was one of the most significant online controversies. After denying cheating claims for months, he suddenly apologized on Twitter for cheating in his speedruns.

It turned out that he was using mods to increase the drop rate of certain items in Minecraft, like ender pearls and blaze rods.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's views.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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