The Dream x HasanAbi drama explained as former privates video with Minecraft creator, Notch

Dream and HasanAbi recently interacted with one another on live stream
Dream and HasanAbi recently interacted with one another on live stream

Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker recently called out Minecraft star Dream over his association with the controversial Minecraft creator, Markus "Notch" Persson.

The streamer and political commentator recently addressed Minecraft streamer Karl Jacobs being put on blast for his past association with Paul "Ice Poseidon" Denino.

Calling it "ridiculous," he proceeded to draw attention to a video of Dream and Notch playing Minecraft, which he labeled "significantly worse."

HasanAbi's critical statements stem from the various controversies that Notch has found himself embroiled in, ranging from making transphobic and racist remarks in a series of questionable tweets to espousing ideals of white supremacy online.

"Just having Notch on a video like this, with 16 million views, is significantly f*****g worse. Like, I can't even imagine; what the f**k dude? This dude has been like an avowed, out and about white supremacist, transphobe for so long."

However, Hasan's public call-out did not sit well with Dream, as the Minecraft sensation proceeded to vent his grievances in a tweet, which has since been deleted:

He didn't just stop there, as he continued to share his thoughts on his personal Twitter account, where he expressed his frustration over being dragged through the mud:

As a result, the unexpected drama between HasanAbi and Dream ended up triggering a whole new debate online.

Fans react to the HasanAbi x Dream drama

The primary reason that seems to have irked Dream is that he perceived Hasan's remarks as a means of spreading misinformation without reaching out to him or verifying it first.

Dream also ended up joining the 29-year old's live stream soon after, where he began by apologizing for posting a reactionary tweet in response to his remarks in the first place:

"First of all, I just want to say I'm sorry for the tweet. It was stupid. That was just me being an idiot. My only thing was he's bringing up something I apologized for and then not mentioning or showing the apology. People who are now newly being introduced to this would see it without context."

The duo then engaged in thought-provoking discourse, which ranged from the norms of cancel culture to Trump and political ideologies in general.

With regards to the latter, Dream clarified his stance on a previous Reddit apology:

"That tweet is like a dumb tweet. A year and a half ago, I didn't even have the right opinions."

Those looking for a detailed thread of all that transpired during their interaction can refer to the one below, as highlighted by one particular Twitter user.

Despite Dream acknowledging that Hasan made a few valid points and the duo reaching a consensus, a specific section of viewers began to spam the former with critical comments.

This was condemned by a large section of the Minecraft community who attempted to educate and instill awareness regarding the reasoning behind Hasan's remarks:

Despite the initial clash, it is indeed heartening to see that fans have been able to adopt a neutral stance regarding Hasan x Dream's interaction rather than blindly take sides.

Moreover, the swift removal of the Notch video by Dream has proved to be another positive for the online community.

With their beef presumably squashed, could the online community possibly witness a Hasan x Dream Minecraft stream? When it comes to the virtual space realm, anything's possible.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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