Dream, Skeppy, and other Minecraft streamers react as Technoblade reveals he has cancer

Dream, Skeppy, and other streamers react to Technoblade's sad announcement
Dream, Skeppy, and other streamers react to Technoblade's sad announcement

Earlier today, Minecraft content creator Technoblade made a heartbreaking announcement to his fans. In his latest YouTube video, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Technoblade has been inactive on YouTube, Twitch, and social media accounts for quite some time now. Fans were glad to see a new tweet and YouTube clip from him. Sadly, a grave announcement awaited.

Technoblade's announcement of cancer was unfortunate news for fans. However, he relieved his fans by saying that he's going back for chemotherapy this coming week. Many fans and popular streamers like Dream and Skeppy came forward to support Technoblade and wish him a speedy recovery.

Minecraft streamer Dream and Skeppy wish for Technoblade's recovery from cancer


Technoblade posted a video titled "where I've been" on his YouTube channel. It starts with him introducing his new plushie. After that, he explains why he suddenly stopped posting videos after getting famous.

The 22-year-old said he got diagnosed with cancer on August 2 after experiencing pain in his hand and swelling in his shoulder later. He assures fans by saying he already has started cancer treatment and his doctors are "amazing."

Technoblade is among the most popular Minecraft content creators of all time. He is friends with many stars of the game like Dream, DanTDM, and Skeppy. After hearing his announcement, many fans and streamers wished for his recovery.

Dream went to Twitter to announce he will be donating $1 for every coin he and his teammates score at Minecraft Championship 16 to cancer research. MCC 16 will start today at 8:00 pm BST.

After this tweet, many fans are going to cheer for Dream's team at the MCC 16.

Famous Minecraft streamers Skeppy and Awesamdude supported Dream's tweet. One of the latter's teammates for MCC 16, Seapeekay, said:

"i'm more motivated then ever."

Playing for a positive cause definitely motivates everyone.

Technoblade fans are hoping for his successful recovery and shared their wishes on Twitter:

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