Every cave type available in Minecraft 1.18 update and how to reach them

Minecraft 1.18 cave entrance (Image via Reddit, u/Osmiooo)
Minecraft 1.18 cave entrance (Image via Reddit, u/Osmiooo)
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The much anticipated Minecraft 1.18 update was recently released, and it brought many new updates to the game. In terms of new content, the update was primarily focused on world-generation mechanics that set out to open Minecraft to a realm of possibilities.

Part of the new world generation mechanics has allowed Mojang to implement new biomes into the game that would not have been possible before this update. One type of newly added biome is that of caves.

Cave biomes are interesting and unlike any other biome in the game. There are currently only two cave biomes in the game, but more are confirmed for later updates.

Cave types available in Minecraft 1.18 and how/where to find them

Lush Caves

Lush caves in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Lush caves in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Lush caves were added during the Minecraft 1.17 "Caves and Cliffs" part 1 update but did not spawn naturally up until the Minecraft 1.18 update was released.

In terms of appearance, Lush Caves are full of life and contain multiple blocks and vegetation that do not generate in other biomes. Some of the most notable blocks that can be found inside the Lush Caves are:

  • Vines
  • Spore Blossom
  • Glow Berries
  • Azalea Leaves
  • Flowering Azalea Leaves
  • Azalea
  • Rooted Dirt
  • Hanging Dirt
  • Moss Carpet
  • Big Dripleaf
  • Small Dripleaf
  • Cave Vines

How to find Lush Caves?


Lush Caves are an overworld cave biome known to generate underneath Azalea trees.

If players are looking to find Lush Cave biomes, they should search for Azalea trees. Azalea trees are most commonly found in non-grassy biomes that are not underground.

An Azalea tree looks somewhat identical to an oak tree, but one key difference gives it away. Players will notice bright purple flowers growing on the leaves of an Azalea tree. This is a telltale sign of an Azalea tree.

Dripstone Caves

Dripstone caves in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Dripstone caves in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Like Lush Caves, Dripstone Caves were also added initially to the Minecraft 1.17 "Caves and Cliffs" part 1 update but did not naturally generate until the release of 1.18.

Dripstone caves have a much smaller variety of blocks and amenities than the Lush Caves. More specifically, players can find the following blocks inside Dripstone Caves biomes:

  • Dripstone Block
  • Copper Ore
  • Pointed Dripstone

How to find Dripstone Caves?


Dripstone caves are relatively common and generate underground without too many special requirements, just like regular caves. Players looking specifically to find Dripstone caves should look between the height levels Y = 0 and Y = -64, as this is where Dripstone caves will most often generate.

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