Every ocean biome in Minecraft and their unique features

Ocean biomes (Image via Mojang)
Ocean biomes (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft is an old sandbox game that boasts a diverse open world for players to strive and thrive in. The game requires users to obtain items to help them survive and bring their dream projects to life. Similar to real life, the world created in Minecraft features both land surfaces and oceans with many unique biomes. These can be differentiated from each other by their geographical features and flora.

The underwater world of Minecraft has a few biomes with distinct features of their own. This article will discuss just that.

Minecraft ocean biomes


Oceans are some of the least explored parts of the game. The primary reason for it is that delving into the oceans requires having water breathing potions and Respiration enchantments as a necessity. Conversely, exploring the lands does not require as many specific items, and players can obtain various other items while doing so.

Ocean biomes list


Oceans in Minecraft are surprisingly diverse, and some of them come with exclusive features as well. Though most players tend to avoid engaging in ocean-related activities, the game has a lot to offer for those interested. Here are all the ocean biomes:

Regular Ocean:

The underwater part of the game, filled with gravel, is called the ocean. It also has a deep variant, where players will find an abundance of gravel. Ocean monuments are also generated here, and it's the habitat of guardians and elder guardians. Players may also encounter mobs like dolphins, cod, salmon, and squid.

Frozen Ocean:

One of the most unique underwater biomes to explore is the frozen ocean biome. Here, the top surface is mostly completely frozen, and many common features of most other biomes, such as seagrass, are absent.

Large icebergs can frequently be found on the surface, and stony ocean ruins may also be present. Diving into the depths, players may find a variant of this biome called deep frozen ocean, which may also have ocean monuments and the same mobs as regular frozen oceans.

Cold Ocean:

The floor here is filled with gravel blocks, similar to regular oceans and frozen oceans, and the vegetation includes less seagrass as well. However, this biome does not feature snow or ice, and the water is indigo. Like frozen oceans, cold oceans in Minecraft have a deep variant found in lower Y levels.

Lukewarm Ocean:

This specific ocean biome has a light blue color theme and generates closer to warm biomes such as jungles and savannas. The floor here is made of sand, and lucky players may also come across sandy ocean ruins. A deep variant of this biome also exists.

Warm Ocean:

The color scheme of this biome is different from others, featuring an aquamarine tone. It can be found close to some of the hottest Overworld biomes, such as deserts. This is one of the most beautiful places to explore, as players may find coral reefs and sea pickles, along with dolphins swimming around.

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