Everything to know about Detector Rails in Minecraft

Detector Rails (Image via Minecraft)
Detector Rails (Image via Minecraft)
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There are various methods of transportation in Minecraft. Since moving around the map is crucial to gameplay, players must be aware of the most efficient means. Some players like to create villager trading halls. But doing so requires ferrying villagers from their homes to the halls. The best way of transporting villagers is by using rails and minecarts.

Rails and minecarts are better than other methods because the mob is locked into the cart once they have been pushed inside. While there are different types of rails players can use, this article dives in to reasons why the detector rail is a unique tool for transportation.

Understanding Detector Rails in Minecraft

What are Detector Rails?

Detector rail in the game (Image via Minecraft)
Detector rail in the game (Image via Minecraft)

It is a type of rail that can be used to transport minecarts. They can also detect and send a redstone pulse. When a minecart moves over it, the detector can power any redstone dust, repeater, or comparator placed adjacent to the rail.

The repeater and comparator should be facing away from the rail to be powered by it. If the minecart has a hopper or chest, an adjacent comparator reads its contents and sends a redstone pulse of power proportional to the container's size.

How can to get Detector Rails in Minecraft?

Crafting recipe for detector rails (Image via Minecraft)
Crafting recipe for detector rails (Image via Minecraft)

While the odds are slim, Detector Rails can be found in the chests present in mineshafts. They can also be crafted using one redstone dust, one stone pressure plate, and six iron ingots on the crafting table.

How to use them

Just like regular rails in Minecraft, Detector Rails can be placed on any solid block below or above water and some other blocks like hoppers, upside-down slabs, and upside-down stairs. Players should note that these rails can only be placed underwater in version 1.17 and later.

To place Detector Rails, players need to press the 'use' button (right-click by default on computers) while aiming at the rails. Keep in mind that these rails cannot be placed on the side or bottom of a block. Trying to do so will only move the rails to the adjacent block. Detector Rails can be connected to other types of rail to form a track for minecarts.

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