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"Just killed a woman, feeling good." (Image via TommyInnit on Instagram)
"Just killed a woman, feeling good." (Image via TommyInnit on Instagram)

Tommy "TommyInnit" Simons is a British Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch Streamer who is most well-known for his participation in several different survival-multiplayer Minecraft games, including the revered Dream survival-multiplayer.

His content mostly consists of videos on the various survival-multiplayers he's involved in, vlogs with fellow creators and friends; mods, hacking, and skyblock.

Tommy is often seen collaborating with Will "Wilbur Soot" Gold, Toby "Tubbo" Smith, George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson, Charie "Slimecicle" Dalgleish, and many, many more.

Tommy's Channel History

(Image via TommyInnit on YouTube)
(Image via TommyInnit on YouTube)

December 24, 2015, the channel that would now become Tommy's most popular channel, "TommyInnit," was created. Though he wouldn't post his first video until a few years later on September 9th, 2018; formerly titled, "Guide to Lobby Spamming," but is now called, "Tommy's First Video."


Despite the success of his current channel, "TommyInnit," it was not the first channel he made and posted content on.

February 16th, 2013 "ChannelNutPig," was created. It was a small collaborative channel he made with one of his friends at the time. The channel is largely inactive with most of its old uploads now private.

February 9th, 2021 Tommy posted a video on the old channel, ChannelNutPig declaring that he would upload there again and make the old videos public as the channel grew.

Tommy's growth mainly began on Twitch. He would stream games such as: PUBG, Fortnite, and Minecraft Hypixel Minigames (mainly Bed Wars). In 2019 Tommy had the honor of becoming a Twitch Affiliate and began gaining more viewers. His content focused more on Hypixel News during this time, so his fanbase was full of Hypixel Influencers due to the server's popularity.

On August 6th, 2019 his content shifted from news and skits when he began consistently posting Hypixel Skyblock content. His growth, at the time, came primarily from the booming popularity of Hypixel Skyblock. He became one of the fastest growing channels; with his regular 4.8k views shooting up to nearly 66k in two months.

Over time he was able to expand his horizons from solely Hypixel Skyblock to a more general audience with his invite to SMPEarth. This was a survival-multiplayer that Wilbur Soot created with a couple of other streamers.

It would only be a year after that, on July 4th, 2020, that Tommy would be invited to join Dream's survival-multiplayer.

Tommy's subscriber numbers were booming even before he was invited, with him hitting 200K subscribers just before then, but they've become even more substantial now. As of May 15th, 2021 Tommy is just a few thousand shy of nine million subscribers.

Alongside his main channel, he has three other active channels. Tom Simons, TommyVODS and, TommyOutit.

SMP Participation

Tommy's Minecraft Skin (Image via Minecraft Skins)
Tommy's Minecraft Skin (Image via Minecraft Skins)

Tommy's been a part of quite a few survival-multiplayers. He first joined SMPEarth, where he was a last-minute addition to the roster.

Another SMP was the second survival-multiplayer he was a part of. While he only made about five streams on the server, none of which turned into content on his main channel, the streams are still up for viewing on his side channel. He would often play alongside Justin "TimeDeo".

On May 12th, 2020 Tommy opened his own Minecraft Realm alongside his real-life friend, Eryn "Cyberonix". Only a day after it began, one of the members, Pete "VoiceOverPete" Accetturo unofficially dubbed the server 'SMPInnit'.

Tommy was also a member of the Blockworth survival-multiplayer. Unfortunately, the videos and content done for the server have been completely deleted or made private from the channel they were uploaded on.

Finally, Tommy is a critical member of Dream's survival-multiplayer. He was the one to start the long-running music disc war, and an important member to the faction L'Manberg.


(Image via TommyInnit on YouTube)
(Image via TommyInnit on YouTube)

Controversy comes for nearly every content creator, and it certainly hasn't spared Tommy. Here's a brief run-down of his hacking controversies...

Lobby Spamming

  • In 2018 — Tommy began his career with streaming. However, he used to use lobby spamming as a method to get viewers onto his streams.
  • "Lobby Spamming," is a term used for when a creator/streamer goes into server lobbies and spams the link to their stream, often alongside some clickbait.
  • Tommy had asked an admin on Hypixel if lobby spamming was allowed, and the admin had told him that it was.
  • This prompted him and Freddie, "Badlinu," to set up chat macros that would make lobby spamming easier
  • Tommy was muted for seven days on Hypixel due to his constant lobby spamming. Admins further discovered that he had used chat macros to make his spamming easier, and thus banned him for using blacklisted modifications.
  • He was able to appeal this ban through explaining to the admins that he was told lobby spamming was allowed, and that a staff member had allegedly made a rude comment about him after his ban.
  • Admins felt bad about the situation and approved the appeal, but still had him muted for seven days upon return.

Fake Vape Incident

  • June 26th, 2019 — Tommy was banned from Minecraft Hypixel Servers once again for a video he made titled, "The Ranked Skywars Experience (Handcam)."
  • In the video he made a joke about downloading the Vape Client.
  • The "Vape Client" is a downloadable hacking package that contains the bare minimum of cheats players would use to their advantage while playing the game, but not enough to seem out of place and get caught. It contains benefits such as autoclicking, reach, and velocity.
  • Tommy never actually downloaded the client, he just made a joke about doing so.
  • Staff banned him for thirty days for promoting the use of cheats; despite Tommy defending his actions, stating that the video was satire.

Hacked Clients Incident

  • April 27th, 2020 — Tommy uploaded, yet another, video that would result in some controversy on Minecraft Hypixel Servers. This video was titled, "I Installed 13 Minecraft Hacked Clients And Did This..."
  • Those on the Hypixel Forums realized that this broke the policy for Hypixel's YouTube Rank.
  • People began pointing out to him that his rank might be removed because of the video, or even worse he could be banned again.
  • Tommy replied to these concerns saying that he had spoken to the owner of Hypixel, Simon, and he had told him it was completely fine as long as he didn't make a habit of it.
  • Since then, he's made many hacking videos and has yet to be banned on Minecraft Hypixel Servers.

TommyInnit Trivia

(Image via TommyInnit on YouTube)
(Image via TommyInnit on YouTube)

There are quite a few fun facts about Tommy that don't fit in with the other categories listed. So, here is some random trivia about TommyInnit.

  • Tommy often gets Wilbur Soot to ghostwrite his tweets for him.
  • He currently is enrolled in college, which he attends every Wednesday for nine hours.
  • Tommy is ambidextrous, meaning he's able to use both hands to perform tasks and doesn't necessarily have a dominant one.
  • He's said that he prefers to play video games with his left hand, and sports with his right.
  • Tommy bites his nails.
  • His favorite Minecraft YouTuber is Jschlatt.
  • Tommy found himself in a small transphobic controversy after KSI, someone he's collaborated with in the past, came under fire for his own transphobic hate speech. He's cleared up that he doesn't stand with those beliefs in a tweet here.
  • His favorite dinosaur is the triceratops.
  • For Tommy's one million subscriber milestone video, he went in public and did a bunch of Minecraft-related things. One of which was him asking someone in a park if they knew Wilbur Soot. The stranger responded, "Nah fam, who's that I only know [REDACTED]."
  • In a JackManifoldsTV stream, he revealed that the censored phrase was: "Nah fam, who's that I only know StampyLongDick." Which was a reference to Minecraft YouTuber StampyLongHead.
  • He is afraid of empty rooms.

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