FitMC: Minecraft's guide through 2b2t and its history of anarchy

Peter "FitMC" Larsen's real-life appearance compared to his Minecraft character skin. (Image via FitMC/YouTube)
Peter "FitMC" Larsen's real-life appearance compared to his Minecraft character skin. (Image via FitMC/YouTube)

Peter "FitMC" Larsen is an American Minecraft YouTuber who has captured fans' attention with his iconic baritone voice and riveting tales of the 2b2t anarchy Minecraft server.

Before becoming a famous YouTuber, FitMC was an elementary school teacher who taught science and social studies. However, in the summer of 2016, he decided to put more effort into his YouTube channel.

During that transformative period, FitMC began creating the world's premier YouTube channel dedicated primarily to 2b2t.

His passion for Minecraft combined the rich history of 2b2t, and with his superior video editing skills helped FitMC reach 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

This YouTube channel provides entertainment along with history lessons on Minecraft and the 2b2t anarchy server.

FitMC: Minecraft's guide through 2b2t and its history of anarchy


FitMC's YouTube videos are well-produced and come across as quality entertainment pieces. This content creator puts in a lot of effort into making these videos.

The vast majority of this channel's content is focused on 2b2t - the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. FitMC actually introduces most videos on 2b2t history with the phrase - oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. It's become a part of his branding.

2b2t has been a live Minecraft server for over an entire decade. There are no rules or oversight in this server. Players are welcome to do anything, including grief, trash-talk, spam, and troll. Simply put, there are no boundaries.

Over time, an intriguing aura developed about the server. Gamers were terrified and excited about the 2b2t server. Naturally, this server became meaningful to the Minecraft world. So, FitMC decided to tell the best stories that came out of this virtual world in anarchy.


Topics FitMC covered include the history of the dragon egg in 2b2t, history of kings on the server, some of the top bases and builds ever created, 2b2t's underground fight club, the most legendary griefs in 2b2t, and much more.

Most of the 2b2t videos on FitMC's YouTube channel get hundreds of thousands of views, which serve as a testament to their quality.

FitMC's way of capturing the attention of viewers is awe-inspiring. His masterful storytelling ability teaches players something new while entertaining them.

The moniker - FitMC - alludes to Larsen's penchant for fitness and staying in the best physical health. This name is also a backhanded reference to gamers' stereotype, especially Minecraft gamers, being overweight and careless about their physical appearance.

FitMC comes off as a down-to-earth person, who puts a lot of effort and care into every piece of content he publishes.

Minecraft players who have never heard of the 2b2t anarchy server should definitely visit FitMC's YouTube channel to hear intriguing stories.

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