Soul Speed enchantment in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

The soul speed enchantment was added to Minecraft with the nether update. Soul speed is an enchantment for boots that allows players to sprint or walk at a normal pace on soul sand.

This enchantment can be obtained in chests in a bastion remnant or by interacting with piglins. Soul speed is considered a treasure enchantment. A treasure enchantment cannot be obtained using an enchantment table and has to be found in the world.

Soul Speed enchantment in Minecraft: Everything players need to know.

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

When a player attempts to run in the nether, they will typically slow down when faced with soul sand. The soul speed enchantment can allow players to run on soul sand. This enchantment will make it possible for players to sprint through the nether without much difficulty.

Players in Minecraft will not be able to obtain this enchantment on an enchanting table. However, the soul speed enchantment can be found in two different ways. One way that a player can get this enchantment is by raiding chests in a bastion remnant.

Bastion remnants can be found by players throughout the nether in Minecraft. After a player has found this structure, they can find chests inside. Chests may have golden boots or a book with the soul speed enchantment.

Players should be cautious when going into chests in a bastion remnant. Golden armor will help a player get to one of these structures without trouble. However, opening a chest in front of a piglin will make the mob hostile again.

There is another way for players to get this enchantment through piglins. Minecraft piglins will sometimes have gold boots with the soul speed enchantment equipped.

Players can attack a piglin wearing said boots for a chance at the boots being dropped at despawn. Trading with a piglin has the chance of giving the player enchanted boots or an enchanted book of soul speed. Piglins trade in gold for items rather than emeralds. Villagers will trade in emeralds for items.

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