Hermitcraft server in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

HermitCraft is a vanilla and modded Minecraft server that was started in April of 2012 by Generikb. Much like other Minecraft Survival Multiplayer servers, it is whitelisted, meaning only certain members can join if they are invited.

As they have been around since 2012, they have gone through a total of eight Minecraft worlds, and are technically now on their eighth season. Minecraft YouTubers and streamers who are recognized by members on the server and XisumaVoid, who is the current admin on the server, get invited.

HermitCraft has been around for a very long time, and getting all the information on it can be pretty hard due to its many seasons and many members. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of everything players need to know about HermitCraft.

Minecraft HermitCraft SMP

What is HermitCraft?

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

HermitCraft is a vanilla and modded Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server, with around 26 active members, although the number fluctuates. Members of HermitCraft are called Hermits, and there is a website dedicated to HermitCraft, that each Hermit can upload their videos and livestreams to. HermitCraft is widely known for its players' massive builds, fun pranks and collaborative events such as server-wide events.

However, there is a lot that HermitCraft does outside of the Minecraft world as well. HermitCraft is known for raising money for charities such as Love Tropics, SOS Africa, and the Make a Wish foundation. The hermits also make appearances at Minecon and other in-person events.

HermitCraft SMP Members

Image via HermitCraft
Image via HermitCraft

Throughout the years, many Minecraft players have come and gone from the HermitCraft SMP. There are currently 26 active Hermits who upload YouTube videos and Stream their adventures and progress on the server. The active Hermits include:

  • Bdouble0100
  • Cubfan135
  • Docm77
  • EthosLab
  • FalseSymmetry
  • GeminiTay
  • GoodTimesWithScar
  • Grian
  • Hypnotizd
  • iJevin
  • ImpulseSV
  • Iskall85
  • JoeHills
  • Keralis
  • MumboJumbo
  • PearlscentMoon
  • Rendog
  • StressMonser101
  • TangoTek
  • TinFoilChef
  • VintageBeef
  • Welsknight
  • xBCrafted
  • XisumaVoid
  • ZedaphPlays
  • ZombieCleo

Season 8 of HermitCraft

A map of season eights world! (Image via HermitCraft)
A map of season eights world! (Image via HermitCraft)

HermitCraft has just begun season 8 on June 19, 2021 and is on the new 1.17 version of Minecraft. The seed for this new world is -7381235180058670651, for players who might want to replicate builds or try to survive on the same map as the Hermits. There have been 2 new players that joined this season: GeminiTay and PearlescentMoon.

Since the season is still fresh, there have not been many exciting events yet. Most of the Hermits have joined together to make their homes in different areas of the map, some of which are absolutely stunning and huge, so it will be interesting to see what happens as time goes on.

HermitCraft SMP Datapacks and Mods

Within HermitCraft, there are tons of Minecraft vanilla tweaks, such as:

  • AFK Display : Name goes grey if the Hermit doesn't move for five minutes
  • Track Raw Statistics : Used to track information about events in the world
  • Track Statistics : Creates additional stats using math
  • Customizable Armor Stands : Used to manipulate armor stands for building details
  • Silence Mobs : A feature to stop entities making sounds
  • Durability Ping : A notification system to warn players of breaking tools and armor
  • No Endermen Grief : Stops endermen picking up blocks
  • Nether Portal Co-ordinates : Helps you calculate where to build in alternate dimensions
  • Coordinates Hub : Displays Co-ords and directions in the action bar
  • Multiplayer Sleep : Lets one person sleep and adds message into chat
  • More Mob Heads : All mobs can drop their head on death
  • Player Head Drops : If a player kills another, their head will drop on death
  • Wandering Trader Mini Blocks : Adds additional trades to the wandering trader
  • Gamerules : maxentity cramming is default and firespread is off
  • Custom Recipes : Universal dyeing, concrete dyeing & a custom recipe for the spore blossom
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