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How to celebrate Valentine's day the Minecraft way

A candelit private Valentine
A candelit private Valentine's day dinner in Minecraft. (Image via u/karandeep718/
Modified 14 Feb 2021

Minecraft players are able to celebrate Valentine's day with their loved ones in-game, as opposed to meeting in real life this year.

Valentine's day is around the corner and it is time to start preparing for the holiday. However, the world is still battling the ongoing global pandemic, which means that Valentine's day plans will need to be a bit different this year.

In lieu of being able to celebrate the holiday in person, gamers can celebrate in the world of Minecraft instead.

Reddit user u/karandeep718 created an epic Valentine's day Minecraft build to help celebrate Valentine's day with his significant other. This build is fantastic and truly fits the theme, possibly serving as inspiration for others.

This article will be showcasing a clever and cute creation in Minecraft, that represents the spirit of Valentine's day.

How to celebrate Valentine's day the Minecraft way

The message "Happy Valentine
The message "Happy Valentine's Day made out of glowstone blocks in Minecraft. (Image via u/karandeep718/

Reddit user u/karandeep718 made an epic Valentine's day Minecraft build that is truly worth checking out, and interested parties can find a video of it here.

The video starts with the player taking a romantically lit minecart ride up a hill, all while enjoying the stars and the natural dim of the evening.


At the top, the player looks down to see that there is "Happy Valentine's Day" written in glowstone blocks on the surface.

This is a tremendous touch, and players should take note of the strategy of using distance and proportions for building.

After the short Minecraft ride, the player shows off a massive teddy bear build that is reminiscent of the popular real life gift.

From there, the players take a walk across a red carpet into a heart-shaped mansion. The entire mansion is lit with candles and decorated with flowers and other romantic touches.

There is also a private dining table that can be used for a romantic evening meal.

The world is still experiencing unprecedented times, so it is important to celebrate the ways that individuals have found to make holidays and celebrations work virtually.

This Minecraft build serves as a reminder that even though people may not be able to get together in person, that the same sentiment and celebration can be shared with the power of gaming.

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Published 14 Feb 2021, 02:37 IST
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