How to complete Time to Mine! Achievement in Minecraft

The Time to Mine! achievement is quite easy (Image via
The Time to Mine! achievement is quite easy (Image via

In Minecraft, Advancements is the new and updated name for achievements implemented to distinguish the game Editions from each other. There are 95 advancements in Minecraft: Java Edition. Achievements, on the other hand, are exclusive to Minecraft Bedrock. There are a total of 118 achievements in the game after the Caves and Cliffs part 2 update was released in November 2021.

The “Time to Mine!” Achievement is a fairly simple achievement. It requires the player to craft a Wooden pickaxe using wooden planks and sticks. For most players, this achievement can serve as one of the fastest ones to get, right as they spawn into a new world.

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As a pickaxe is one of the tools necessary to progress within the game’s main ”questline” of beating the Ender Dragon, players will find that the achievement feels more like a small speed bump than an actual in-game objective.

This article will talk about how to earn the Time to Mine! Achievement in Minecraft Bedrock.

Minecraft Bedrock: How to earn the Time to Mine! Achievement


The “Time to Mine!'' achievement has three pre-requisite achievements. While these achievements are just as simple as the former is, they will be explained in moderate detail in the list below.

1) Taking Inventory

A player's inventory in Creative mode (Image via
A player's inventory in Creative mode (Image via

The first achievement is the ”Taking Inventory” achievement. This achievement requires the player to use their designated keybind or button to open their inventory. The inventory is the player’s personal storage, where they keep every item they pick up, mine, or earn. The inventory screen also shows the player’s character model, their armor, hotbar, a crafting grid, and an alternative hand slot.

This achievement will probably be every player’s first achievement in a particular world, as the game automatically instructs the player to use the “E” key (Default keybind; PC, Windows) to open their inventory. In this case, players will use their inventory to store the materials required to craft a pickaxe.

2) Getting Wood


Another beginner achievement is the "Getting Wood" achievement. This requires the player to punch the bark of a tree until a block of wood comes out of it, and is collected by the player. Wooden logs are mined from trees, and are crafted into four wooden planks each. Wooden planks are used to make a plethora of basic materials like, in this case, sticks, and a crafting table.

3) Benchmaking


This achievement requires players to craft and collect a crafting bench from their inventory. After collecting enough sticks and wooden planks, which are the primary resources required to make a wooden pickaxe and earn this achievement, players need a crafting bench to craft it. Crafting benches are used for almost every major crafting recipe in the game.

Crafting benches can be made in the player’s inventory 2x2 grid using four planks, one in each slot of the grid. Now that players have the crafting table, the next step is crafting a wooden pickaxe. To do that, players need to follow the directions mentioned below:

  • Place down a crafting bench and open it.
  • Put three sticks in a vertical fashion in the middle column of the 3x3 crafting grid, with the topmost slot left empty.
  • Put three wooden planks horizontally in the top row.
  • Collect the pickaxe from the crafting table. This will give players the achievement.

Minecraft Bedrock is one of the most popular versions of Minecraft. While Java Edition is the game’s primary PC version, Bedrock Edition deals with almost all other platforms, including Ps4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

The game's two editions have many differences between them, like Bedrock having baby mobs, more items, and additional functionality for a few items. Both editions follow a different world generation format.

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