How to download Minecraft Bedrock beta version

New beta (Image via Minecraft)
New beta (Image via Minecraft)

The most extensive update in Minecraft's history, the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2, is coming closer to its expected release time. Mojang is now busy making final tweaks and changes to the upcoming Minecraft update.

Recent Java snapshots and Bedrock beta releases have all been focused on bug fixes. Mojang has released another beta version for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, featuring tons of tweaks and bug fixes.

The latest Minecraft beta fixes issues related to biome generation, upgrading old worlds, dripstone, drip leaves, and more. Bedrock players can download the beta to try all the new changes.

Minecraft Bedrock beta: How to download


Downloading Bedrock beta is slightly more confusing than Java snapshots. Many Bedrock players don't have access to a launcher to manage their files and versions in one place.

To download the Bedrock beta release, players will have to register for beta testing. However, before becoming a beta tester, players should know the following:

  • While playing Bedrock beta, Minecraft gets replaced by a version still in development.
  • New features shown in betas are not final and may change in future.
  • While testing beta, access to Realms is disabled. Beta testers cannot play with their friends chem.
  • Features shown in beta versions are still in testing. They may change in the final update release.
  • Beta versions are available only for Xbox One, Android and Windows 10 devices.

After understanding all the requirements, players can decide whether they want to try beta versions or not.

How to download Minecraft on Android:

  1. Open Google PlayStore.
  2. Enter Minecraft in the search bar.
  3. Open Minecraft's official page on PlayStore.
  4. Scroll down to find the option for beta registration. Players will have to register for the beta.
  5. After becoming a beta tester, players can download Minecraft beta from PlayStore.

How to download Minecraft on Windows 10 and Xbox One:

  1. Players using Windows 10 and Xbox One will first need to download the Xbox Insider Hub app. This app is available on Microsoft Store and Xbox Store.
  2. Launch Insider Hub app.
  3. Search for Minecraft preview
  4. Join beta testing.
  5. After joining beta testing, players can download Minecraft beta from their game stores.

With this beta, Bedrock Edition is now closer to 1.18 update releases. The world generation seems to be getting many final touches in the recent beta versions. In the coming weeks, Mojang might share some official news about Caves and Cliffs Part 2.

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