How to download and install Minecraft shaders

image via CurseForge
image via CurseForge

By installing Minecraft shaders, players can add a tinge of realistic effects to the Minecraft experience. Shaders have been a part of Minecraft for a while now.

However, players who are looking for a safe way to download and enjoy Minecraft shaders may find it tricky during the downloading process.

How to download and install Minecraft shaders

What players need first

image via OptiFine
image via OptiFine

Official Minecraft shaders are supported in OptiFin through Java. Players will need to follow the steps below to install Optifine:

  • open OptiFine home
  • select "Downloads"
  • select "Download" in Optifine HD U G7 under Minecraft version 1.16.5
  • select "keep" at the pop-up

Note: There is an ad that players need to skip after a few seconds to avoid any virus downloads before continuing with the OptiFine download process. Files concerning Minecraft java will include "jar." in their file name and can be found in the player's "downloads" folder after downloading.

Minecraft shaders

image via CurseForge
image via CurseForge

Once players have the required software, they can select a shader to download. The official source for BSL shaders can be found on the website. From there, players can find a guide to downloading Minecraft shaders for Java edition Minecraft.

Setting that is different for some gamers

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

There are instructions available to install shaders into the game; however, players using Windows 10 to play Minecraft will find that their settings are arranged differently compared to what's seen in tutorials.

Players using Windows 10 Bedrock Minecraft can purchase shader packs in the marketplace. Once purchased, players can access their shaders under "My Packs" in global resources found in their settings.

Players looking to download Minecraft shaders for Microsoft 10 bedrock edition off of the internet can follow the steps shown below

It's always a challenge to download anything on the internet. Players who take their time to read through instructions and pay attention to any pop-ups will avoid viruses. Avoiding viruses while installing Minecraft shaders is an important part of enjoying the many aspects of Minecraft.

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