How to get carrots in Minecraft

Carrots (Image via YouTube)
Carrots (Image via YouTube)

Carrots are a popular crop among players in Minecraft, and there are many uses for them. They can be planted and harvested quickly, and are great for adding color to larger crop farms. Carrots can also be used to lead pigs around or feed pigs to breed them. But how do players get carrots in Minecraft? Here's the guide.

Where can players find carrots in Minecraft?

Look in villages

Village example (Image via YouTube)
Village example (Image via YouTube)

The most common place to find carrots in Minecraft is a village. Villages generate naturally in all worlds with "generate structures." Most of these villages contain farms of some sort. Larger villages can have many farms containing wheat, carrots, potatoes, beets, and more. However, some very small villages only have wheat farms or maybe no farms at all.

If the world only generates small, carrotless villages, try checking the chests found in the village. Occasionally, village chests contain carrots. If this still doesn't work try trading with farmer villagers, and if the player is lucky they will trade carrots.

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Fight a lot of Zombies

In some rare cases, players have obtained carrots from zombies. Zombies have about a 1/40 chance of dropping a carrot when slain, but going to a village for carrots is much faster and easier.

Farming Carrots

Where to farm

Carrot farm (Image via
Carrot farm (Image via

Players should farm carrots next to some sort of water source. Carrots usually only grow about 2-4 blocks away from a water source, so make sure to keep them close.

How to farm

After the player has created a farm, use a hoe to get the soil ready. Right-click the dirt blocks where the carrots will grow, then place a carrot into that dirt block. Carrots are one of the easiest crops to grow in Minecraft since the carrot is both the seed and the crop.

How to tell if carrots are ready

Once the carrots are planted, wait for them to grow. The player will know that the carrot is ready when there is orange and green displayed on top of the hoed soil (reference the picture below.) Once the carrots look like this, dig up the carrots and replant a single carrot in its place. Each carrot crop the player digs should give the player 1-3 extra carrots.

Harvest ready carrots (Image via
Harvest ready carrots (Image via

Repeat this farming process however many times desired, and enjoy the carrots!

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