How to find mobs in Minecraft

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 01 Apr 2021

Mobs are seen everywhere in the Minecraft world. When players think of mobs, most of the time they think of aggressive mobs that will attack. However, not all mobs are aggressive.

Minecraft mobs come in all shapes and sizes with different attitudes. Minecraft has three different types of mobs, passive mobs, hostile/aggressive, and neutral mobs.

Hostile mobs attack no matter what the scenario is. They attack players even if the player has not attacked them first or made a suspicious move. An example of a hostile mob is an evoker.

Neutral mobs in Minecraft only attack when provoked by players. Neutral mobs will not attack a player if the player is not paying any attention to them. An example of a neutral mob is an enderman.

Passive mobs are mobs that do not attack players at all. They just roam around the world and are just peaceful. An example of a passive mob is a cow.

This article will inform players on where to find mobs in the Minecraft world!

Where to find mobs in Minecraft

Just Casually roaming around

(Image via Minecraft wiki)
(Image via Minecraft wiki)

Mobs can be found anywhere in Minecraft. Mobs are always just roaming around in Minecraft in random places.

Bats are passive mobs that fly around in Minecraft caves. Wandering traders are a passive mob that can be found just wandering around the Minecraft world as well.

Players may see cows, pigs, sheep and many more passive mobs roaming around in many biomes. Just about every biome has at least one mob in it. Mobs are what make Minecraft interesting and gives the player a realistic sense of the game.

On occasion players may also see endermen, spiders, or zombies just roaming around the world when the game mode is on easy+. Although an enderman is neutral, it can still attack if provoked.

In the Nether

(Image via Minecraft fandom)
(Image via Minecraft fandom)

There are mobs exclusive to the Mincraft Nether as well as the over world. Mobs that originate from the Minecraft Nether include: blaze, ghast, pigmen, and wither skeletons.

Most of the mobs in the Nether are hostile mobs, but pigmen can be considered a neutral mob. The mobs in the Nether will never appear in the over world. For example, a player will never be able to find a blaze inside of the over world.

In order for players to get to the Nether players will have to enter a Nether portal. A nether portal is a 4x5 dimension portal that is constructed out of obsidian and ignited by flint and steel.

The End

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

This is where players will find the ender dragon mob. The dragon is the boss mob in the game Minecraft, and it can only be spawned inside of the end.

In order to get here, players will need to locate the strong hold and activate the portals using ender eyes. Players will then need to activate the end portal to spawn the dragon.

Shulkers are also one of the mobs that spawn in the end. Shulkers are a very hostile and rare mob in Minecraft and they are how players obtain shulker boxes.

Forests, Snow, and other biomes

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

Certain mobs may only spawn in certain biomes. For example, polar bears only spawn in the cold snow biomes. Pandas will only spawn in jungle biomes, and wolves mostly spawn in taiga biomes.

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Published 01 Apr 2021
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