How to find an ocean monument in Minecraft

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

One of Minecraft's most intriguing generated structures is ocean monuments which are filled with goodies as well as guardians, making it a hostile mob unique to the locale.

Since ocean monuments are the sole source of sponge and one of the only sources of prismarine, they are a great find for Minecraft Survival Mode players. Although aggressive guardians can hamper efforts to snag these much-needed resources, they are far from the toughest mobs that can be taken down. The most difficult part about an ocean monument is finding it. Ocean biomes are massive in many Minecraft worlds, and characters in Survival Mode don't exactly have the best breathing abilities underwater, at least not without a few handy potions.

Minecraft: Locating an ocean monument

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Though they are located in Minecraft's deep ocean biomes, finding an ocean monument can be tricky. Deep ocean biomes aren't small by any stretch of the imagination, and combing the depths of the sea can be a very tedious undertaking. However, thanks to explorer maps provided by cartographer villagers, pinpointing ocean monuments can be made much simpler. If players trade emeralds with villagers, they can pinpoint the monument's location on their next sea excursion.

Once Minecraft players find the monument's approximate location, potions for breathing underwater are a wise investment before venturing into the monument's depths. If players are able to get inside by using potions, they can proceed to use Minecraft blocks such as sponge to block off sections and drain the water around it. However, it is important to remember that the wet sponge blocks harvested within the monument will not absorb water until they are dried in a furnace. Regardless, not only does draining the monument assist with breathing, it can also incapacitate guardians causing them to flop around helplessly. Though guardians won't suffocate outside bodies of water, they will be unable to combat players or operate as they normally would.

Once the chambers are drained and the coast is clear of guardians, Minecraft players may reap the rewards of the ocean monument. Although these particular structures don't contain a loot chest, there is still plenty of bounty to be collected. From prismarines, to sponges, to sea lanterns and a little extra gold, ocean monuments have their own material loot even if the loot isn't housed in a chest like other structures. For players that enjoy achievement hunting, defeating an elder guardian will reward players with "The Deep End" achievement. If they also used an explorer's map to find the location, they'll additionally earn the "Treasure Hunter" achievement if they haven't acquired it already.

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