How to get cosmetics in Minecraft Dungeons

Pets are one of the many cosmetics in Minecraft Dungeons. (Image via Mojang)
Pets are one of the many cosmetics in Minecraft Dungeons. (Image via Mojang)
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Many games, including Minecraft Dungeons, have cosmetics. The term "cosmetic" refers to equipment and entities that provide no functional benefit, but are present to make things look better or replicate something. Essentially, similar to the skins in Minecraft.

Since Minecraft Dungeons doesn't have skins, and the customizable aspect comes from in-game items, the type of cosmetics available is different. Here's what cosmetics are available and how Minecraft Dungeons players can get them.

The complete Minecraft Skindex is available here.

List of cosmetics and how to obtain them in Minecraft Dungeons

All available cosmetics are obtainable only by purchasing DLC packs and are equipable from the cosmetics page of the player's inventory. Cosmetics in Minecraft Dungeons include the following:

  • Cape
  • Emote
  • Healing Flair
  • Hero
  • Level-Up Flair
  • Pet
  • Respawn Flair

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Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition, which includes the Jungle Awakens DLC, Creeping Winter DLC, base game, and unique cosmetics is available now for #NintendoSwitch!

Capes are displayed on the back of a player and will rise during the player's movement. Hero capes, sinister capes, and birthday capes are the only ones currently available. Emotes are players doing dances or other movements.

Healing flairs are cosmetic effects that appear when players heals themselves. A player must choose the "hero" before playing the game. There are four heroes in Minecraft Dungeons that are deemed to be the strongest. Unlike in Minecraft, no custom heroes can be used without mods.

View the Minecraftwiki here.

Leveling up results in a cosmetic effect. (Image via Mojang)
Leveling up results in a cosmetic effect. (Image via Mojang)

Level-Up flairs are cosmetic effects that appear when players level up. There are various options for this one. Pets are non-attackable mobs that play alongside the player, they teleport when too far away from the player and ignore other mobs. Pets are able to activate pressure plates in the level and can drop items.

birthday went pretty well, got the Minecraft Dungeons hero's pass and Pokemon Sword expansion pass. Sadly it'll be a bit before I can actually play either but hey got some cosmetics in dungeons and I really like the cape plus the Fox and Parrot pet.

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There are 19 pets available:

  • Parrot
  • Baby chicken
  • Arctic fox
  • Baby pig
  • Baby goat
  • Baby ghast
  • Baby turtle
  • Endermite
  • Zombified baby pig
  • Fox
  • Duck
  • Golden parrot
  • Raven
  • Baby spotted pig
  • Dark baby goat
  • Ruby baby turtle
  • Baby glow squid
  • Toucan

Finally, respawn flairs are cosmetic effects that appear whenever players respawn.

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