How to get rare blocks in Minecraft

Different ways of obtaining rare blocks (Image via Mojang)
Different ways of obtaining rare blocks (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft is home to many useful blocks. Some of the blocks generate very commonly, while others are infrequent. The pickaxe is the most common tool in Minecraft as most of the blocks can be broken and collected using it.

Getting rare blocks can be challenging and time-consuming, but it can be made a lot easier by knowing what needs to be done. This article covers the best ways to obtain rare blocks in the game.

Ways of obtaining rare blocks in Minecraft



To get the rarest blocks that generate naturally, players need to know where they generate. Looking in the correct biome and dimension is important, and once the block has been located, it can be mined easily.

One of the rarest blocks in the game is emerald ores. It drops a single emerald when mined using an iron pickaxe, or better. Players can also get multiple emeralds from one ore by mining it using a Fortune pickaxe. Emerald ores are generated in the mountains between Y levels 4 and 31.

Strip mining is one of the best methods for mining uncommon ores such as diamonds ores. When strip mining, the player mines in a straight line at the right height, and after some time, returns to the starting point. Then they leave two blocks and start mining again in the same direction.

Structures and loot chests

A buried treasure in the game (Image via Minecraft)
A buried treasure in the game (Image via Minecraft)

Some structures like ocean monuments and end cities contain rare blocks like prismarine. Players can collect those blocks by locating structures and simply mining them.

Loot chests in many structures can also have rare blocks such as ancient debris and lodestone. Chests present in the bastions are the best as many uncommon blocks can be occasionally found there.

There can be multiple chests in different parts of a bastion remnant, such as the bridges and hoglin stables. Players can also find treasure rooms in bastions that can have 1-2 loot chests.

Mob drops

Elder Guardian (Image via Minecraft)
Elder Guardian (Image via Minecraft)

When killed by the player, some mobs like guardians and elder guardians drop items that can be used to craft rare blocks. Guardians in Minecraft drop prismarine crystals, which can be used to create unique blocks such as prismarine and dark prismarine. A sponge is also a very rare block that only elder guardians drop.

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