How to get rare enchantments in Minecraft

An enchanted book (Image via Minecraft)
An enchanted book (Image via Minecraft)
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To survive against the ferocious mobs of Minecraft, players need to keep upgrading their armor and weapons until they have the best ones. Crafting items with diamonds or even netherite does help, but they can be made even more durable and efficient using enchantments.

Enchanting is an amazing feature in Minecraft, which allows players to use certain enchantments on their items to make them even better. Some enchantments are more rare and challenging to obtain than others. From this article, players will learn how to get rare enchantments in Minecraft.

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Rare enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft has about 38 different enchantments and most of them have different levels. Finding most enchantments is fairly easy, but players face the most trouble when searching for treasure enchantments. Unlike most enchantments, treasure enchantments cannot be obtained from the enchanting table. Mending, Frost Walker, Soul Speed, Curse of Binding, and Curse of Vanishing are some of the enchantments that exist as of Minecraft version 1.17.

How can players get these enchantments?


Piglin looking at gold ingot (Image via Minecraft)
Piglin looking at gold ingot (Image via Minecraft)

Bartering is an activity that a player needs to perform with a piglin. By bartering with them, players can obtain various items by dropping gold ingots near an adult piglin. One of the items that players can get from bartering is an enchanted book with soul speed enchantment, but a player's probability of getting it is very low (~1.09%).


Fishing is a technique that has been a part of Minecraft for a very long time. Players can craft a fishing rod from the crafting table using two strings and three sticks.

While holding a fishing rod, players can right-click to start fishing and obtain items such as enchanted books. The probability of a player finding an enchanted book by fishing is 16.7%. As this is very low, the best way to go about this is by creating automatic AFK fish farms.


A librarian villager in the game (Image via Minecraft)
A librarian villager in the game (Image via Minecraft)

Librarians are the only villagers in Minecraft from which players can trade enchanted books for emeralds and regular books. To convert a regular villager into a librarian, players need to place a lectern near it. Zombie villagers, once cured, can be turned into the trader that offers each item for one emerald only.

Players can cure zombie villagers by throwing splash potions of weakness on them and by giving them golden apples. If the trader does not offer an enchanted book, players can keep breaking and placing the lectern repeatedly until they get their preferred trades.

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