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How to get spruce wood in Minecraft

Obtaining spruce wood in Minecraft (Image via MineCrafting/YouTube)
Obtaining spruce wood in Minecraft (Image via MineCrafting/YouTube)
Modified 14 Dec 2020

Spruce wood in Minecraft can be crafted from spruce logs obtained from spruce trees, most commonly found in taiga biome variations.

Wood is one of the cornerstone necessities in Minecraft, used for building and crafting a variety of items. Many players likely built their very first home or base using wood planks from the trees around them.

Spruce trees can be found recurrently in taiga biomes in Minecraft. However, these trees can also be found in wooded mountains, snowy tundra, snowy taiga, and giant tree taiga biomes. Successfully cutting them down will grant players spruce logs for their labor.

This article breaks down how Minecraft players can get their hands on some spruce wood.

Procuring spruce wood in Minecraft

Spruce logs have a similar appearance and the same texture as oak logs but are a substantially darker shade of brown. The leaves are also different, as they are denser, darker, and possess a bit more of a blueish tint. Fun fact: spruce leaves disobey the foliage color rules of Minecraft and will always be the same color regardless of the biome that they are found in.

Luckily, spruce trees are not that difficult to find in-game. There are a handful of places where they can be found, but going to a taiga biome will be a Minecraft player's best bet.


Minecraft players can also harvest spruce logs from mega spruce, pine, and mega pine trees. Taiga trees also come in dying and fallen variations that can be randomly found in-game.

The recipe to craft spruce wood in Minecraft (Image via MCBasic/YouTube)
The recipe to craft spruce wood in Minecraft (Image via MCBasic/YouTube)

Once player have received four spruce logs, all they have to do is pop them into a crafting table. From there, these wood logs can be converted into spruce wood. Minecraft players can then use pieces of the latter to craft and build to their heart's desire. They can also convert one spruce log into four pieces of spruce logs.

Finding a taiga biome

All this information is great, but players still need to find themselves a taiga biome to find spruce trees to begin with. Specific biomes can be found by using console commands or looking through a map of a seed using tools found online.

A full article on how to find specific biomes is on the way, so make sure to stay tuned for that.

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Published 14 Dec 2020, 22:29 IST
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