How to get the Unbreaking enchantment in Minecraft

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Unbreaking is one of Minecraft's most beneficial enchantments, improving the durability of any gear that players can attach it to.

With a maximum enchantment level of three, players can use it to significantly increase the life of any tool or piece of armor they wish. According to the game's code, Unbreaking technically gives enchanted items a chance to not take durability damage when used, but the principle is the same.

For players looking to get more economic use out of their favored pickaxe or chestplate, this is a great enchantment to have. There are a few ways to snag this solid ability.

Minecraft: Methods of getting the Unbreaking enchantment

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

When it comes to getting the Unbreaking enchantment in Minecraft, there are a few primary ways of doing so:

  • Acquiring it via an enchanting table and affixing it to an item by spending experience points and Lapis Lazuli.
  • Finding enchanted books throughout the game world, which can be found in places like loot chests as well as being found sometimes by fishing or by trading with Librarian villagers. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, Vindicators and pillagers can also drop enchanted books.
  • Killing hostile mobs wearing enchanted gear (potentially with Unbreaking) provides players with a small (8.5%) chance of dropping it.
  • Bartering with Piglins by giving up gold ingots can sometimes yield enchanted books or iron boots.

For the most part, Minecraft players tend to use the enchanting table, as it is the most straightforward way to enchant an item with Unbreaking. In order to ensure that the enchanting table has all it needs to provide the highest level enchantments, players will need to place 15 bookcases around the table while keeping one block of air between the table and the shelves.

Once players have their enchanting station built, they'll need to rack up experience and collect some Lapis Lazuli in order to pay the enchantment cost for their item.


Once at the enchanting table, placing the desired item into the table's slot will provide three Minecraft enchantments that also display the required Lapis Lazuli and XP levels needed to perform them.

The higher the amount of XP and Lapis a player has, the more powerful enchantments they will be able to perform. By hovering over each glyph page in the enchanting table, players can see what enchantment the selection provides.

If they don't see the Unbreaking enchantment right away, that's no problem. Simply place a level 1 enchantment on an item and the list will refresh.

Once players have Unbreaking on the list, they simply need to pay the XP and Lapis Lazuli cost of the enchantment and they can set out with a much more durable piece of gear at the ready.

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