How to install mods on a Minecraft Server

Minecraft mods are one of the easiest ways to customize a Minecraft server (Image via PMC)
Minecraft mods are one of the easiest ways to customize a Minecraft server (Image via PMC)

Minecraft mods are a trendy way to add a plethora of new content to the game, with thousands of unique mods freely available online for download.

Whether it's fast cars, rollercoasters, or even weapons of mass destruction, if it can be dreamed of, there's likely a Minecraft mod for it out there somewhere.

Naturally, server admins might be curious how they can install such mods to be played on their Minecraft server. This guide will explain everything players need to know about installing mods on their Minecraft Server.

The easiest way to install a mod on a Minecraft Server

Remember: To join a Minecraft modded server, players will need to forge installed on the Minecraft client, which can be downloaded here.

Step 1

First, players need to ensure they have the latest version of the mod they want to install downloaded from CurseForge. Be sure to also download all relevant relations for the downloaded mod. These relationships can be found on the specific modpacks page under the "relations" tab.

Step 2

Players must now ensure that they have setup their server as a Minecraft forge server. The installer for the forge server can be found here.

Once launching the installer, players will want to click "Install server" on the main menu. After this, a jar file should be created, which can be double-clicked to launch.

Note: Players will first need to agree to the terms and conditions of Mojang by accepting the "eula.txt" file first to launch the server.

Those unsure of how to setup the server can refer to the helpful video below:


Step 3

Once this has been done, players can drag the mod file downloaded in step 1 into the newly generated "mods" folder. The server can now be restarted, and if all has been done correctly, the mod should be installed.

Step 4

Ensuring the server has been correctly port forwarded, other players can now join the server and enjoy the mod. If the mod does not appear to be functioning correctly, players should ensure that the correct relations were also installed, which can be found on the curseforge page belonging to the modpack.

Players should finally ensure they are using a mod that's compatible with the version of Forge for Minecraft currently being used on the server.

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