How to make an Enderman Banner in Minecraft

Enderman banner (Image via JohnRVF on YouTube)
Enderman banner (Image via JohnRVF on YouTube)

Banners are one of the most creative items in Minecraft. Players can use them to create all sorts of patterns and colors. Banners can be made into almost any design players want, with a few custom designs coming from Mojang themselves.

One of the coolest banners, and one that may strike fear into other players, is the Enderman mob. Endermans, considered to be one of the most fearsome mobs in the entire game, can be modeled onto a banner. Here's how to do it.

How to put an Enderman's face on a banner in Minecraft

Making custom banners requires a lot of steps. Players will need to make a banner and then put it back in the loom to change the design. This will have to be repeated several times.


For this Enderman banner, there are six total stages of creation. Minecraft players will need the following items:

  • One stick
  • Six blocks of purple wool
  • One magenta dye
  • Four black dye

Here's how to make the banner:

Step 1: Craft the purple banner. In the crafting grid, there is a stick in the bottom middle box, with the top two rows being filled with purple wool.

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Step 2: Put that banner in a Minecraft loom. In the loom, there is a slot for color, which is where the magenta dye will go.

Step 3: Select the design option in the bottom left, which is vertically striped.

Step 4: The banner will go back into the loom with one of the black dyes. The second row from bottom, second option from the left is the next design selection Minecraft players need to choose.

Angry enderman banner design /u/ bristle_boy #minecraft

Step 5: Players can once again put the banner and the dye back into the loom and choose the design option on the bottom row, one from the right.

The banner should now have a black cross in it.

Step 6: Place that banner and one of the final two black dyes into the loom and scroll to the bottom of the design options. The second row from the bottom and the option all the way to the left should be selected.

The second to final stage (Image via JohnRVF on YouTube)
The second to final stage (Image via JohnRVF on YouTube)

Step 7: Put the banner and dye in and choose the second row, second option from left. It looks like it is split in half, with the top half being white and the bottom being black.

This will make an Enderman banner, with the purple, piercing eyes placed squarely in the middle.

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