How to make mud bricks in Minecraft

Players can use mud for many different inspired blocks and builds in Minecraft (Image via Prowl8413/YouTube)
Players can use mud for many different inspired blocks and builds in Minecraft (Image via Prowl8413/YouTube)
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There are many different kinds of blocks in Minecraft, with more being added to the upcoming The Wild Update later in 2022. Of course, with the addition of the Warden, new biomes, frogs, and more, there is also the mud block.

The mud block is a new kind of material that serves a few different purposes but can be used to build houses for all new varieties of player builds. Here is how to make them:

How to create mud blocks in Minecraft


Players can make mud blocks in Minecraft in much the same way as they can make mud blocks in real life; by combining water and dirt.

By doing this, players can create mud blocks that look really nice as well as being able to be used to make clay are just a great new way of building houses to give players even more options to make their builds stand out from the crowd.

How can players easily get mud?

One of the easiest ways that players can collect mud in Minecraft is by carrying water around with them. They can then use water to combine it with dirt to make mud.

This is similar to how concrete is created, and players can create a lot of it at once. If players are looking for a fast way to get a lot of mud to build houses or other structures, this is the quickest way they can do so.

Players can also find mud as well


If players do not have a lot of water on hand or are simply looking to find some mud in the world, they can locate it with certainty in the swamp biome. Players can collect mud easily inside the biome and then bring it wherever their build is.

Making clay using mud

If players want to make a sustainable way of creating clay easily, they can take a mud block and attach it to a pointed dripstone at the top. Doing this will allow the mud to be drained of its water, putting clay in its place.

Players can then use the clay combined with wheat and sand to create terracotta and create some more inspired builds with that as a building material.

Mud bricks will fit in nicely in natural and earthy type builds


For players looking to make a more natural-looking home or other structures, the ability to now be able to use mud is a huge blessing.

Mud, clay, dirt, and other such blocks will be great to combine to create some highly customizable and nature-inspired homes. The sky is the limit with player creativity, and the mud block has so much potential.

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