How to make an Obsidian generator in Minecraft

Several different Obsidian generator designs exist (Image via u/[deleted]/Reddit)
Several different Obsidian generator designs exist (Image via u/[deleted]/Reddit)

Obsidian is a great material block in Minecraft. It is used in the creation of things such as Nether portals.

Since Obsidian is such a quality and durable block, many players create structures such as Obsidian generators in order to keep their stockpile high. These builds vary in size, scope, and complexity, but they all achieve the same result: a sizable amount of Obsidian for players to mine and utilize at their leisure.


Obsidian generators can be formed both manually and automatically due to the mechanics that allow the collision of lava and water to create Obsidian. It all comes down to the Minecraft player's preference and the number of materials that are available to them.

Creating a simple Obsidian farm in Minecraft

An early obsidian farm created during Minecraft's beta (Image via Planet Minecraft user zolo_skulldu)
An early obsidian farm created during Minecraft's beta (Image via Planet Minecraft user zolo_skulldu)

While it may be tempting to immediately create a massive Obsidian farm, many Minecraft players will likely want to start small. This helps newer players or those not familiar with Obsidian generators to understand the way these designs work. This not only prevents hiccups with water and lava but also allows players to come up with creative designs of their own for a personalized Obsidian generator.

To create a simple baseline 5x3 obsidian generator, Minecraft players can follow the steps below:


Step 1: Players will first need to gather four chests, two hoppers, a dispenser, a redstone block, three trapdoors, a button, a stair block, and two redstone torches. They will also have to gather a redstone comparator, a water bucket, and lava buckets.

The lava buckets will be used as the input for the device and will be converted into Obsidian blocks. Some extra building blocks won't hurt either, as they'll be used to place certain blocks.

Step 2: Dig a 2x1 hole into the ground.

Step 3: Place a double chest into the hole.

Step 4: While facing the hole vertically, place a hopper on one part of the double chest.

Step 5: Place a building block to the left of the hopper. Then place a stair block atop the building block but facing the hopper. The stair block should ideally be made of a sturdy non-flammable material just to be safe.

Step 6: Surround the three sides of the stair block that is not facing the hopper with trapdoors. These trapdoors should be activated. If done correctly, the trapdoor will open upwards and "box in" the stair block.

Step 7: Take the water bucket and waterlog the stair block inside the trapdoors. This should waterlog the stair block.

Step 8: Break the building block placed in step 5. The stair block should now be hovering.

Step 9: On the right of the hopper, place a redstone comparator. Put a building block to the right of the comparator. Then, place a redstone torch atop the building block.

Step 10: Place another building block on top of the redstone torch. Put another redstone torch atop this building block. If the redstone torch is deactivated, it's working correctly. There's no need to worry.

Step 11: To the left of the building block placed in step 10, place another building block connected to it. This block should be above the comparator. Place a piece of redstone dust atop this building block.

Step 12: To the left of the building block placed in step 11, place a dispenser pointing downwards towards the hopper. There should be a block of air between the dispenser and the hopper.

Step 13: Place a hopper connecting into the left side of the dispenser.

Step 14: Place a double chest over the hopper from step 13. One portion of the chest should stick out over an air block.

Step 15: Place a button on the dispenser.


If built correctly, the Obsidian generator should be complete. All players will need to do is place their lava buckets in the topmost chest and then press the button on the dispenser. This should cause the dispenser to spit out Obsidian blocks over the hopper as long as it has a supply of lava being fed through it. Players can then mine the Obsidian.

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