How to make pandas breed in Minecraft

A weak and normal panda in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
A weak and normal panda in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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The world of Minecraft is full of both cute and frightening creatures, which are called mobs. One of the most adorable mobs that players can find in the game is pandas. They were added to the game with the 1.14 Village & Pillage update.

They are found only in jungle biomes, commonly seen in bamboo jungles. Adult pandas are neutral, which means they will attack back when attacked by the player.

Understanding pandas in Minecraft


How to breed them

A normal baby panda and a weak panda in the game (Image via Minecraft)
A normal baby panda and a weak panda in the game (Image via Minecraft)

Unlike other mobs, players need to fulfill some conditions to breed pandas. There needs to be at least eight bamboos within a five-block radius of two pandas for them to enter love mode. Then players need to feed some bamboo to both of them.

Once a baby is born, the pandas become passive from neutral towards the player. The type of pandas being born depends on the traits of the parent pandas. Normal, worried, aggressive, lazy, and playful are dominant traits, and brown and weak are recessive traits.

Each panda has a main gene and a hidden gene. When two pandas mate, both of them pass one of their genes to the baby. The two genes are mixed, and they become the baby panda's main and hidden gene. There's a 3.125% chance that the baby will have a mutated gene that is different from its parents.

Traits and unique features of pandas


Pandas in Minecraft have seven different personality traits: lazy, worried, normal, playful, aggressive, brown, and weak. Except for normal and brown pandas, every other variant has some unique features.

  • Lazy panda: They lie on their back and are the slowest of all pandas in the game. They are also the slowest land mob.
  • Worried panda: Worried pandas tend to avoid the player and most hostile mobs and hide during thunderstorms. They do not eat bamboo on their own.
  • Playful panda: Even as an adult, playful pandas roll over and jump around.
  • Aggressive panda: When provoked, aggressive pandas will keep attacking the player and other mobs until its target dies or goes out of range.
  • Weak panda: They sneeze very often and sometimes have a runny nose.

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