5 things players didn't know about Pandas in Minecraft

Steve near two pandas in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Steve near two pandas in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
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Pandas are rare, cute, and cuddly mobs that can be found in the jungle biomes of Minecraft. They were added to Minecraft in the 1.14 update and since then have served as a welcome addition to the Overworld.

These creatures are based on the pandas that can be found in the real world. Luckily for players, the in-game pandas are just as adorable as the real-life ones.

Most players have likely known that these mobs can be found in jungles and love bamboo. But there are a handful of unique features about pandas that players may not know. This article showcases five unique facts about pandas in Minecraft.

5 things players didn't know about Pandas in Minecraft

#5 - Pandas can have one of seven different personality traits


Every time a panda is spawned into the game, it will randomly be assigned one of seven personality traits. They could be normal, lazy, worried, playful, aggressive, weak, or brown.

Depending on the personality trait, they may perform unique actions compared to pandas with different personalities. Normal pandas do not have any unique features.

Lazy pandas tend to lie on their backs and are the slowest moving land mob in the entire game.

Worried pandas are scared of others and will try to avoid Minecraft players and most hostile mobs actively. They also hide their faces during thunderstorms and do not eat bamboo or cake on their own.

Playful pandas have a chance to roll around and jump as adults.

Aggressive pandas will retaliate against players who strike them and pursue them until they die or flee beyond the range of detection.

Weak pandas have half the health pool of all other pandas and will sneeze more often when they are babies.

Brown pandas have no unique actions but have brown and white fur instead of black-and-white fur.

#4 - Baby Pandas can drop a slimeball after they sneeze


To get slimeballs, Minecraft players typically will need to acquire them by killing slimes. However, there is a scarce chance to obtain a slimeball from baby pandas.

Baby pandas have a scarce chance to drop a slimeball after they sneeze, which as a fractional percentage chance of occurring every tick. Trying to farm slimeballs by waiting for baby pandas to sneeze would not be reliable or consistent. Instead, it is more of a unique feature.

When a baby panda sneezes, all adult pandas within a ten-block radius jump. This is an ode to an old viral video uploaded to YouTube in 2006.

#3 - Pandas drop bamboo after dying

Bamboo was acquired by killing a panda in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Bamboo was acquired by killing a panda in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)

Pandas love bamboo. It is more common to encounter a panda in bamboo jungles than any other variants of jungles. Moreover, bamboo is required to breed pandas. These creatures have a chance to drop bamboos after death.

On Bedrock Edition, players can use a weapon enchanted with Looting to increase the amount of bamboo received by killing pandas.

#2 - Pandas require an extra condition to breed successfully


Pandas are the only animal in Minecraft that requires an extra condition to breed successfully. Most other animal mobs in Minecraft need to be fed a specific food item to enter love mode.

On the other hand, Pandas require for there to be eight blocks worth of bamboo near both pandas. If there is not enough bamboo close to both pandas, then pandas will not enter love mode even when fed bamboo.

More information on how to breed pandas can be found here.

#1 - The sounds for pandas in-game were recorded from real pandas in China


The sounds that pandas make in-game were actually recorded live from real pandas in China. Interested players can learn how the sound for pandas in Minecraft was captured by watching the video above.

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