The uses for bamboo in Minecraft

Image via Rigz Digz/YouTube
Image via Rigz Digz/YouTube

Bamboo in Minecraft is found in jungle biomes, and can be used for a variety of things, including for breeding pandas and crafting.

Bamboo is a tall evergreen perennial flowering plant, that can be found naturally growing fairly commonly in southeast Asia and central America. Bamboo typically flourishes best in warmer and tropical climates.

In Minecraft, bamboo acts very similar to it's real-world counterpart. Bamboo grows very quickly and can only be naturally found in jungle biomes throughout the Minecraft world.

On first glance by many players, bamboo does not seem like it is a very useful item. However, there are some key uses for bamboo that Minecraft players should be aware of.

This article will showcasing the various uses for bamboo, and identifying where Minecraft players can get their hands on some.

The uses for bamboo in Minecraft

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Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in all of Minecraft, and players can find it naturally growing in jungle biomes. Bamboo can be found in all variations of jungles, but can be found more densely in bamboo specific variants.

Players can find an entire jungle village surrounded by bamboo, in one of the seeds featured in this Minecraft article. This could be a great starting point for players looking to play around with all of the functions of bamboo.


The most notable use for bamboo is for breeding pandas. Unfortunately, pandas cannot be tamed by players, but they can still be bred for the chance of producing some of the rarer variations of the species.

All a Minecraft player first needs to do is ensure that eight blocks of bamboo are within a five block radius of two pandas. Then the player will just need to carefully feed the pandas some bamboo, which will cause the pandas to mate and produce an offspring.

Funnily enough, pandas are the only Minecraft animal that requires additional conditions to breed, instead of simply feeding two adults of the same speices.

Pandas are great and all, but there are a couple extra uses for bamboo that players may not be taking full advantage of. Bamboo grows extremely quickly, which makes it a great form of fuel that players can use in a pinch.

Minecraft players will be able to rapidly replace the bamboo that they burn through, due to the speed that the plant grows in.

Bamboo can also be used to craft sticks, if wood is not readily available or if a player may have run out. However, bamboo can also be used to make scaffolding, which can be a life saver when building in creative mode.

Scaffolding allows players to quickly ascend up distances, but more importantly, can help players get down from high distances without taking fall damage. Six scaffolding can be produced at a crafting table with six pieces of bamboo and a single string.

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