How to breed every animal in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

There are 71 individual and unique mobs in Minecraft, 18 of which can breed and produce offspring for players.

Currently, as of Minecraft version 1.16.4, the list of mobs able to be bred are:

  1. Donkey
  2. Horse
  3. Pig
  4. Cow
  5. Mooshroom
  6. Sheep
  7. Chicken
  8. Tamed wolf
  9. Tamed cat
  10. Ocelot
  11. Rabbit
  12. Llama
  13. Turtle
  14. Panda
  15. Fox
  16. Bee
  17. Hoglin
  18. Strider

Except for a few, each mob has its specific breeding requirements, whether it be an enchanted golden apple or just some simple wheat.

How to breed each mob in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Besides a few mobs that share breeding habits, each one on this list has its own individual requirements for breeding offspring.

#1 - Horses and Donkeys

Adult donkeys and horses must first be tamed by right-clicking them with an empty hand until the player sees hearts around the animal. Then, they can use either a golden apple (crafted with eight gold ingots and an apple), an enchanted golden apple (found inside chests in generated structures), or the most lucrative, golden carrots (crafted with eight gold nuggets and one carrot). Breeding a horse and a donkey together creates a mule, which cannot reproduce.

#2 - Sheep, Cows, Mooshrooms, and eventually Goats

These four mobs are all able to be bred with wheat once they are in their adult stages. Wheat can be farmed by breaking grass to gather wheat seeds and then growing those seeds into wheat.

# 3 - Chickens

Adult chickens can be bred with any seeds found in the game, meaning wheat, pumpkin, melon, and beetroot seeds will all breed these birds.

#4 - Wolves

Wolves must first be tamed with bones and must also be at full health to breed. To restore a wolf's health, right-click them with raw or cooked meat, and then the same raw or cooked meat to bring them into love mode.

#5 - Cats and Ocelots

Both of these feline friends can be bred with raw cod or salmon. However, with cats, they must be tamed first by using the same items.

#6 - Rabbits

It is recommended for players who are going to breed rabbits first to bring them back to base. Rabbits can be bred with carrots, golden carrots, and dandelions.

#7 - Llamas

Llamas are one of Minecraft's most interesting mobs to breed and tame, requiring the players to tame them in a specific manner to breed, and the full tutorial can be found here. However, once they are tame, llamas can be bred with upwards of three haybales.

#8 - Turtles

Turtles are another interesting mob in how they breed, which can be a very finicky process. To get turtles to lay eggs, players can give two of them seagrass. More information on turtle breeding can be found here.

#9 - Pandas

While pandas cannot be tamed in Minecraft, they can still be bred for the off-chance of getting a special brown panda, or even a sneezing panda, two of the seven variations available in Minecraft. To breed pandas, users have to make sure they are within five blocks of each other and then feed each eight bamboo.

#10 - Foxes

Breeding foxes is the simple part. Taming one, however, is where it gets more complicated. Luckily, to breed foxes, all the player needs is sweet berries, wonderfully found in taigas, where foxes spawn.

#11 - Bees

Bees follow Minecrafters holding flowers, any kind of flower to be exact, and will wait patiently in front of players with flowers in their hand. Gamers can then right-click on two bees with this behavior and a baby bee will spawn.

A baby bee with it's buzzing parents (Image via Minecraft)
A baby bee with it's buzzing parents (Image via Minecraft)

#12 - Hoglins

The terrifying hogs of the nether can be bred with crimson fungus, one of the two new mushroom variants introduced in the 1.16.4 Nether update. With hoglins dropping leather and raw pork, they are perfect for a dangerous farm.

#13 - Striders

Utilizing the other freshly-added fungus, warped fungus, players can breed striders for easy access through the nethers' various lava lakes.

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