How to make a silk touch pickaxe in Minecraft

Silk Touch pickaxes in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Silk Touch pickaxes in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Enchanting is a unique aspect of Minecraft. It is a process used to make weapons, tools, books, and armor stronger and more effective. There are a ton of enchantments in Minecraft. Many of them are used to help in specific actions or processes.

For example, the Fortune enchantment increases the number of resource drops obtained when a specific block is mined. A similar enchantment is the Silk Touch enchantment.

The Silk Touch enchantment is a valuable enchantment that allows Minecraft players to collect a specific resource block as a whole, i.e., the block drops itself as loot.


This enchantment was added to the game for players to have the ability to collect some supposedly unobtainable blocks in the early editions of the game, like grass blocks, ore blocks, and packed ice.

Players can use this enchantment in many ways. For example, players can mine a diamond ore block with Silk Touch and then wait to mine it when they get the Fortune enchantment on their pickaxe.

This article will guide players on how to craft a pickaxe and enchant it with the Silk Touch enchantment.

Minecraft: Steps to make a Silk Touch pickaxe


To make a Silk Touch pickaxe, players first need to make a pickaxe. As every player knows, pickaxes are the primary piece of equipment used by a player to carve their way through the game’s various caves and treacherous surfaces.

However, players should note that Silk Touch can be applied and works with all tool-based items in the game, such as the pickaxe and shovel. Blocks obtained by using Silk Touch can be used in decoration and other essential tasks within the game.

Players can go through the following steps to make a pickaxe in Minecraft

  • Chop down a tree, break some leaves, put some bamboo inside a crafting grid, or break some dead bushes. Dead bushes can be found in desert or mesa biomes. Every aforementioned method gives the player sticks.
  • Collect wooden planks, iron ingots, gold ingots, netherite ingots, or diamonds.
  • Put three ingots or pieces of the desired resource in a horizontal line in the top three squares of a crafting table’s grid and three sticks vertical under the middle ingot or piece.
  • This will result in a pickaxe of that particular resource being crafted.

Players can go through the following steps to get Silk Touch on their pickaxe (through enchanting) in Minecraft

  • Make an enchantment table using a book, two diamonds, and three blocks of obsidian.
  • Get some Lapis Lazuli, which is found at any location that is below sea level. This means it can be found ion between Y levels -64 and 64.
  • The player must ensure that they have at least 30 experience levels, as the best and most powerful enchantments are available at levels 30 and above.
  • There are two slots inside an enchanting table. Place some lapis lazuli indeed the slot on the right. Place the pickaxe on top of the enchanted inside the slot on the left.

Obtaining the Silk Touch enchantment is a bit of a guessing game, as there is a high chance that players will get it, as there are only four pieces of gear this enchantment is compatible with. However, when players obtain the enchantment, it will come with two more high-level enchantments.

The only way is to keep trying. This is why it is recommended to have a lot of lapis, a ton of experience levels, and several tools for the enchanting process to avoid disappointment.

Some other ways to obtain the Silk Touch enchantment

There are three other ways to obtain the silk touch enchantment in Minecraft. The first one is trading with villagers. The librarian villager can trade every enchanted book in the game.

Players can level one librarian up and attempt to get him to trade the enchantment. The second method is searching for the enchantment book in a loot chest, such as a dungeon chest. The third method is to engage in fishing.

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