How many bees can fit in a beehive in Minecraft?

A couple of bees seen hovering above the ground (Image via Mojang)
A couple of bees seen hovering above the ground (Image via Mojang)
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Bees were brought into Minecraft with the game's 1.15 update, otherwise known as the major bee update. These mobs will spawn naturally in bee's nests.

Each nest can hold up to three bees at a time. If players are careful, they can take the bees into their inventory to be kept closer to home. This can be done using an ax enchanted with the silk touch enchantment. Players can also craft beehives out of honeycomb and wood.

A bee in Minecraft doesn't necessarily fly. However, they can hover off the ground the same way a bat or parrot can. These anthropods are not fans of water, and a bee in contact with water will start to take damage.

How many bees can fit in a beehive in Minecraft?

Minecraft bees collecting pollen (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft bees collecting pollen (Image via Mojang)

Each beehive that players have crafted can fit up to three bees. If there are any bees left over, they will typically wander until they find a nest to deposit the pollen they have collected.

The beehives are also useful to these pollinators at night. Once it starts to get dark, bees take shelter in their hives or nests until morning. Most nests will be facing a particular direction to help bees keep track of time.

When morning comes, all three bees will come out of the hive and get right to work. They find the nearest flower and collect pollen to bring back to the hive. These mobs may take advantage of multiple nearby hives and fill them with pollen as well.

Bees in Minecraft will continue to collect pollen even after the hive is packed and ready for harvesting. The honey in these hives can be collected using a bottle or use shears for honeycomb.

Players can keep the bees peaceful by setting campfires under these hives. Not doing so will result in the bees turning hostile. If a hostile bee strikes players, it will poison them with its stinger and despawn shortly after.

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