How to mine efficiently in Minecraft?

(Image via Minecraft Forum)
(Image via Minecraft Forum)

In Minecraft, mining is one of the most important things. The word "mine" is even in the game's name. Without mining and mining tools, players will not be able to play and beat the game.

Players need to mine to get blocks and different types of ore in the game. Without mining, players will not be able to get the materials needed to create tools and weapons in the game.

Players will need to mine blocks to create enchanting tables, armor, pickaxes, and pretty much everything else in the game. Players mostly use pickaxes to mine items. This is the most common mining tool in the game.

There are other tools that are used for mining as well. For example, shears are used to mine specific vines in the game, and axes are used to mine wood. There are many different ways to mine in Minecraft, and there are some do's and don'ts to mining as well.

Beginner players may not know the best way to mine in Minecraft. Believe it or not, mining is way more than just grabbing a pickaxe and going to work. There are specific levels the players should pay attention to, and specific ways to mine and not mine.

In this article, players will learn the most efficient way to mine in Minecraft!

Most efficient mining methods in Minecraft


Never dig straight down

(Image via YanayGoor on teepublic)
(Image via YanayGoor on teepublic)

Digging straight down is the worst way for players to mine in Minecraft. This can cause lots of accidents, and players should not do this hence they have an increased chance of death.

Digging straight down can cause a player to end up in a lava pool. Lava tends to be located underground inside caves and ravines very commonly. When a player digs straight down, they have an increased chance of falling and drowning in one of these lava pools.

Players can also take fall damage when doing so. To avoid digging straight down, players should dig in a staircase fashion.

Branch mining

(Image via Minecraft Fandom)
(Image via Minecraft Fandom)

Branch mining is one of the best ways to mine in the game. Players dig their way down to bedrock, begin to search around there and start going up looking for goodies.

Since most of the rare resources are located at the bottom of the ground near bedrock and up, branch mining is a great method for players to find the rare items. For example, diamonds can be found near bedrock Y level 16.

When reaching bedrock, players will basically dig tunnels in several different directions looking to find resources, while still on the lookout for lava. Players will dig to their sides and make their way upward, making it in the shape of a branch.


(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

Efficiency is an enchantment in Minecraft that will increase the speed at which players mine blocks. This will allow players to mine specific blocks faster and speed up the mining process for the player.

For example: obsidian takes a long time to mine. Using efficiency will shave off some of the mining time, allowing players to mine more blocks in a shorter time frame.