5 best Minecraft texture packs for mining

Image via Minecraft Fandom Wiki
Image via Minecraft Fandom Wiki
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These texture packs help Minecraft players ensure they’ll never miss diamonds while mining again.

When in a deep, dark cave in Minecraft, it can be hard for a player to identify all of the blocks around them clearly. Even with an abundance of torches, it is straightforward to miss important ores that the player is looking for, mainly due to their appearance.

Ores are textured to blend in well with the blocks around them. Players opt for texture packs that make it easier to distinguish these types of blocks from the stone and deepslate in which they are found.

These are five of the best Minecraft texture packs for players to use while deep in the mines.

These Minecraft texture packs for mining are excellent choices

5) Mining helper

Image via Planet Minecraft
Image via Planet Minecraft

Mining helper is a texture pack by Lillebo that is sure to make any trip to the mines far more profitable for any Minecraft player who downloads it. Like many other texture packs to make mining easier, Mining helper gives ores an obvious border around them, making them stand out much more from the surrounding blocks than in vanilla Minecraft.

This pack also has some interesting features, such as using Optifine to make ores glow in the dark. This means that, even without torches, players are sure never to miss an iron or diamond ore again.

Additionally, ores in this texture pack have their borders increased, meaning they are more visible through corners. Imagine how easy it will be to mine with ores glowing and sticking out of the wall.

Download Mining helper here.

4) Ore highlighter

Image via Planet Minecraft
Image via Planet Minecraft

Ore highlighter is a Minecraft texture pack with an idea similar to Mining helper. It gives ore a colorful outline to make them easier to find. This texture pack uses the 1.17 update ore textures as a base, simply adding a line around the block that matches the color of the ore contained within it.

Because this texture pack has been updated for Minecraft 1.17, it also includes these borders on new ore, like copper. Copper’s outline color was even made orange to make it stand out more from a diamond, so as not to confuse players who have this pack installed.

However, if excitement is what a player is looking for, they can also opt for the more blue-green color that copper’s outline originally was.

Download Ore highlighter here.

3) Ore helper

Image via Planet Minecraft
Image via Planet Minecraft

Another texture pack that makes discovering ores in deep, dark caves much simpler is ore helper by Minecraft user PikapiEtO. This texture pack takes a slightly different approach from others on this list, making the entire block a bright, standout color instead of just an outline.

This makes ore incredibly easy to find and can also break up the monotony of caving due to the bright pop of colors the texture pack adds. The creator details that this pack is handy for those who have an x-ray mod installed.

X-ray allows players to see through the Minecraft earth to locate rare materials. Finally, the ores in this texture pack are so unique looking that players may wish to get a silk touch pickaxe and use these ores as decorative blocks.

Download Ore helper here.

2) Ore locator

Image via Planet Minecraft
Image via Planet Minecraft

Senseilx should be thanked for this helpful ore locator/mining helper texture pack with a knack for accessibility. This Minecraft texture pack adds a border around the ores, just like many others on this list. However, the colors of these borders are made to be much brighter and more easily distinguishable than ever before.

The creator cited their own colorblindness as their reason for developing this texture pack, as they found that other texture packs meant to help Minecraft players find ores were not super helpful to those with the condition.

This is especially visible when looking at the nether ores, which are all outlined in a bright gold color that is sure to stand out against the redness of the nether.

Download Ore locator here.

1) Visible ores

Image via Curse Forge
Image via Curse Forge

Visible ores are among the most popular and widely-used texture packs to help players find ores with increased speed and efficiency. This pack is aimed especially at players who use shaders mods, as such additions to Minecraft can sometimes make ores incredibly hard to spot. This does mean that this texture pack requires OptiFine to be installed to function correctly.

Visible ores take things one step farther than many other similar texture packs, not only outlining ores to make them easier to spot but also emitting bright light in the color of the resource contained within the ore.

This means that diamonds glow a bright cyan color, while emeralds have a green light coming from them. This pack is sure to make any Minecraft world much richer with resources.

Download Visible ores here

For additional help, check out this video that walks Minecraft players through how to install helpful mining texture packs like the ones on this list:

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