How to play Minecraft Bedwars in Pocket Edition

Minecraft Bedwars is one of the most popular gamemodes among multiplayer servers (Image via
Minecraft Bedwars is one of the most popular gamemodes among multiplayer servers (Image via

Minecraft Bedwars was made popular by Hypixel, which is the biggest Minecraft server of all time.

Although made primarily for the Java edition of the game, players can enjoy Bedwars in the Pocket edition relatively easily.

This guide will explain exactly how gamers can play their very own Bedwars game on the Pocket edition of Minecraft.

How to play Minecraft Bedwars on Pocket Edition

Minecraft Bedwars can easily be enjoyed on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft by connecting to a Minecraft (Bedrock) server.

Some of the best Pocket Edition servers that feature the Bedwars gamemode can be found below, along with their IP addresses.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) Servers:

  • Nether Games IP Address:
  • HyperLands IP Address:
  • Hive IP Address: Featured Server
  • CubeCraft IP Address: Featured Server
  • LBSG IP Address:

To read more about the best Bedwars servers for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, check out this in-depth guide.

Players who are unfamiliar with how to join a server on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft can refer to the simple video tutorial below.


How to download a Minecraft Bedwars map on Pocket Edition

Players who are interested in practicing specific Bedwars skills might want to download a Bedwars practice map. This type of map allows players to learn certain elements of the gamemode, including map layouts, and gives them a chance to practice skills like bridging in a more realistic environment.

One of the best Bedwars maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) can be found and downloaded below:

Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) Map

Players unaware of how to install this map on their device can check out the helpful tutorial video below:


What is a good texture pack to use for Minecraft Bedwars on Pocket Edition?

Given below is a great texture pack when playing Bedwars on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. The pack is optimized to give players an advantage in PvP scenarios, with aspects such as highlighted ores, clearer glasses, low fire, and even a bright emerald green sky for esthetic pleasure.

Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) Bedwars Texture Pack

Players unfamiliar with installing a texture pack on their device can check out the video tutorial below:


How to win and get better at Minecraft Bedwars on Pocket Edition

The easiest way to consistently perform better in Bedwars on any version is to improve PvP and bridging abilities, which come naturally over time with practice.

A quick and helpful tactic, however, is to employ the infamous "butterfly bed defense" strategy. This optimized defense technique is easy for newbies to learn and makes it much harder for enemies to destroy your bed.

Here's a video tutorial on how to perform the butterfly bed defense in Minecraft Bedwars:


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