How to properly use and install the Lithium mod for Minecraft

The lithium mod can skyrocket Minecraft's performance without affecting gameplay (Image via Reddit, u/TalentedBlue)
The lithium mod can skyrocket Minecraft's performance without affecting gameplay (Image via Reddit, u/TalentedBlue)
Edward Hays

Lithium is a highly popular mod among Minecraft players. Its main goal is to improve the performance of the game via several optimizations, including upgrades to both vanilla mob AI and chunk generation.

The Lithium mod does not change any vanilla behavior. Instead, it simply optimizes as much code as possible without players noticing any real changes to gameplay other than improved performance.

In many cases, installing Lithium can result in an instant performance increase of over 40%. Such drastic performance increases haven't gone unnoticed by the Minecraft community, and the mod now boasts almost 2 million unique downloads.

How to install the Lithium mod for Minecraft servers

Lithium can be installed on both the client and the Minecraft server.

Lithium requires Fabric to run. Fabric is a mod loader that can be downloaded and installed from the link below.

Download Fabric Mod Loader

Players unfamiliar with installing Fabric can check out the helpful video tutorial below.


After Fabric has been installed, players can proceed to the next step of installing the Lithium mod. The mod can be downloaded from Curseforge, and the link can be found below.

Download Lithium mod for Minecraft


Once downloaded, players can simply install the Lithium mod by dragging it into the mods folder. If this is being done on a regular Minecraft client, this folder can be found within %appdata% -> .minecraft -> mods.

Once this has been done, Lithium should be fully installed.

How to use the Lithium mod for Minecraft servers

Lithium will be fully functional once installed in the mods folder. Players should notice an increase in their FPS if the mod is installed on their local machine. Meanwhile, server admins should notice an increase in TPS (ticks-per-second) if they have installed the mod on their server. TPS can be checked with the command "/tps".

While the default settings are generally fine when using Lithium, players can customize enabled optimizations to their hearts' content. This can be done by editing the configuration file, which will generate when the mod is first launched.

A full list of optimizations that can be toggled inside this configuration file can be found here.

NOTE: Most, if not all, optimizations are enabled by default. They should remain enabled for the best performance possible. Only experienced players should consider toggling certain optimizations.

How to get the best performance out of Lithium

Players looking for more performance should definitely consider installing both the Sodium and Phosphor mods. Sodium optimizes Minecraft's otherwise slow chunk loading system, while Phosphor rewrites the game's lighting engine to be more efficient.

Both mods can easily be installed by dropping them into the mods folder. They are also fully supported and compatible with Lithium.

Download Sodium mod for Minecraft

Download Phosphor mod for Minecraft


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