How to spawn a giant zombie in Minecraft in 2022

The giant zombie in Minecraft (Image via AchievedGaming/YouTube)
The giant zombie in Minecraft (Image via AchievedGaming/YouTube)
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Spencer Whitworth

While some entities within Minecraft don't appear in normal gameplay, players can bring them into existence all the same. One such example is the giant zombie, which can be created through the use of console commands.

Originally debuting in the game's survival test, the giant zombie was eventually abandoned as a prospect. However, it remains within the game itself.


The giant zombie possesses the same appearance as ordinary zombies but is six times larger, with health and damage that is almost boss-like. Its AI was removed in version 1.8, but players can still summon it all the same.

Commands and mods are the only way to summon a giant zombie in Minecraft right now

Minecraft's command console on Bedrock Edition (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft's command console on Bedrock Edition (Image via Mojang)

Before Minecraft players summon a giant zombie, they'll need to ensure that they have cheats enabled. This can be achieved in Java Edition during world creation or by opening the world up to LAN and enabling cheats from there. Commands can also be used on multiplayer servers, but players will need operator status or, at the very least, access to a command block.

In Bedrock Edition, players can edit their singleplayer world and enable cheats via slider if they haven't been activated already.

Once players have their cheats enabled, they will want to open their text chat and input /summon giant [pos] [nbt] before pressing enter.

The [pos] tag can be omitted from the command if players like, or they can enter a set of XYZ coordinates to spawn the zombie in a certain location. Meanwhile, the [NBT] tag is an advanced tag that allows players to set certain NBT parameters towards the mob.


If a giant zombie is summoned in Minecraft version 1.8 or later, it will simply stand at its designated location and not move or act. If struck, the zombie will take damage, though some parts of its upper body do not have hitboxes. It must be struck on its lower body, for the most part.

There are certain mods and editing programs that can reinstate or introduce new AI to the mob. However, in the vanilla build of the game, it will simply stand where it is summoned unless acted upon by an outside force.

Overall, the giant zombie has 100 health points (50 hearts) and deals 50 damage (25 hearts) per melee attack. Its physical prowess is likely part of the reason why it never made it past early development. The mob is a little too powerful not to be considered a boss.

Oddly enough, the giant zombie does retain spawning conditions, but these are essentially impossible to meet. This is because it requires a light level that is both less than eight and higher than 11.


For the time being, commands and mods are the only way to summon a giant zombie in Minecraft. However, future updates may re-examine the mob at a later date. It remains in the game after all, and Mojang is always taking a look at its older additions for future content ideas.

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