How to summon lightning in Minecraft easily

Lightning bolt striking a lightning rod placed on the roof of a house (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Lightning bolt striking a lightning rod placed on the roof of a house (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
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Lightning naturally occurs in Minecraft during thunderstorms, which increases the sky's brightness for an instance until it fades. When lightning strikes a block in Minecraft, it does not destroy it but creates a fire within a two-block radius.

The chances of a mob or a player being struck by lightning are meager, and most of them will take five health points or 2.5 health damage instantly. Mobs hit by lightning will start burning as well, causing additional damage to their health points.

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Summoning a lightning bolt in Minecraft

Using command

Commands in Minecraft are strings of letters that can be used in many different ways. To use commands, players must turn on "allow cheats" before creating their world. "/summon" is one of the most commonly used commands that can be used to summon any entity.

The commands for summoning lightning in Minecraft are the same for both Java Edition and Bedrock edition. Players can summon a lightning bolt at their coordinates by typing "/summon Minecraft:lightning_bolt ~ ~ ~" in the chat window.

In the above command, players can replace "~ ~ ~" with X Y and Z coordinates to make the lightning hit a specific block or entity standing on those coordinates.


Tridents are throwable weapons that cannot be crafted by the player but can only be obtained through mob drops of drowned. The probability of a drowned spawning with a trident is 15% in the Bedrock edition and 6.25% in the Java edition.

Only drowned that have spawned with a trident have an 8.5% chance of dropping the trident upon death. Tridents with channeling enchantments can summon lightning bolts upon hitting a mob, player, or lightning rod during a thunderstorm.

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