How to tame a goat in Minecraft

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Goats in Minecraft were added along with part one of the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update. This mob is one of three different mobs that were added into the game on on June 8th.

Players can find them roaming around mountains and cliffs in the game. Goats are typically found at higher elevations than other places. Players can see these mobs on the very top of cliffs or mountains.

If players are lucky, they could even encounter a screaming goat! Players should be careful when looking for goats. They are usually located in higher world elevations. This means players will have to climb up to high places to find one.

Goats attack players by ramming into them if they feel provoked. They will remain neutral if the player does not threaten them. If the goats do attack, they can possibly knock the player off the mountain, causing them to die from fall damage.

Players should make sure to be careful when looking for goats, and feather falling would be a good enchantment for players to take with them on their journey since it protects them from fall damage. Goats can be nice to players in some circumstances, as long as the player is nice.

In this article, players will learn how to tame a goat in Minecraft!

Taming a goat in Minecraft

How to do it

(Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)

It's a hit and miss when taming goats in Minecraft. This is because it is not always guaranteed that the goat will get tamed. What matters is whether the goat likes the player or not in the process of taming it.

Players will first want to approach the goat by sneaking up to it. Players must do this because if a player gets too close to it, or stands near it for too long, the goat will feel threatened and attack the player.

Once the Minecraft player gets to the goat, they will need to make sure they have wheat in their inventory. Players will need to feed the goat five wheat in order to tame it, but here is the tricky part.

Feeding the Minecraft goat the wheat does not mean that it will tame the goat. It will only tame if it likes the player or not after that. If the goat does not like the player, it will attack the player.

If the player does successfully tame the goat, it will follow the player wherever they go. This will also initiate love mode for the goat, allowing it to breed in the right circumstances.

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