How to teleport to someone in Minecraft easily

Teleport Command (Image via Minecraft)
Teleport Command (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, players can use commands to perform specific functions that allow them to do things quicker. For example, they can use commands to teleport from one place to another in Minecraft.

Commands are advanced features that are activated by keying in a specific string of texts. These functions are entered via the chat menu. There are several commands that players can use to their advantage.

In order for commands to work, players must turn on cheats when creating a Minecraft world. Since commands are basically cheats that allow them to do things that typically can't be done, the feature must be activated before creating the world.

There are a series of commands that players can use in Minecraft. One of the most beneficial and popular commands is teleportation. Players can use the teleport command on themselves, other users or objects.

To enter the command for teleporting, press “T” on your keyboard or press the right-on the D-Pad to open the chat menu.

Players can use teleportation to travel to a destination faster, or to bring another entity to them if the latter gets lost and vice versa. The teleport command is easy to do, and can be learned quickly.

In this article, players will learn how to easily teleport to someone using the teleport command in Minecraft!

Using the teleport command in Minecraft


Use "/tp" to activate the feature

Teleportation command (Image via Minecraft on Daily Motion)
Teleportation command (Image via Minecraft on Daily Motion)

In order for players to teleport, in the chat menu they first need to type in "/tp" or “/teleport”. The slash is very important to have, and the command will not work if the slash is not placed in the beginning.

When trying to teleport, players should enter "/tp theirusername." For example, if the other player's name is Steve, they will type in "/tp<Steve>."

If players would like to type in the coordinates of someone instead, they would type in this "/tp [target player] <x> <y> <z>." The target player part is optional. If a target player is not specified, the command will teleport the user of the command.

While you can teleport to any coordinates, be careful teleporting into unloaded chunks of the world. The world will attempt to generate around you and you could easily end up stuck in a wall.

Permission Levels

In multiplayer servers, only certain players granted access to commands will be allowed to teleport. Even with the correct syntax, a player cannot execute a command like teleporting without a sufficient permission level.

In the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, a permission level of 1 allows bypass of spawn protection. Level 2 allows the player to utilize commands with restrictions and they can use command blocks. Level 3 grants access to more commands, while level 4 provides access to all commands.

To have access to teleporting in the Java edition of Minecraft, a permission level of 2 is required. For the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, a permission level of 1 is required.

Examples of Teleport Command in Minecraft

The exact syntax of commands can be confusing at times. An example can help visualize how commands should be inputted. Remember to start commands with a backslash and double check so that you have the command inputted properly to ensure you get the desired effect.

For the teleport command, you can utilize either “/tp” or “/teleport” and both are shown as examples below.

  • To teleport (the inputter) to coordinates 32, 57, 713: /tp 32 57 713
  • To teleport all players to the inputter of the command: /teleport @a @s
  • To teleport all nearby cows in your world to your location: /teleport @e[type=cow] @s
  • To teleport a Steve to coordinate 10, -12, 2000: /tp Steve 10 -12 2000

The target player is the name of the user to teleport and if it is not specified, then the one running the command will be teleported.

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