How to trade with Minecraft's piglins

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Piglins are a mob that was introduced in Minecraft's 1.16 nether update, among a whole laundry list of other additions.

These mobs replace zombie pig man spawns in most nether biomes, however they come with a wonderful deal. If the player were to come across any piglins, the mobs will become instantly hostile, unless the player is wearing any gold armor pieces. Piglins love gold, and if the player were to drop a gold ingot on the ground, something incredible happens.

Minecraft's new denizens of the nether

Bartering drops and percentages

Once a piglin notices a free piece of gold on the ground, they'll run over, pick it up, and begin to inspect the gold. Every time this transaction occurs, there's a list of 18 various items to be gained. Listed below are each drop, its amount range, and percent chance to drop from bartering.

  1. Enchanted book with soul speed, 1, ~1.09%
  2. Iron boots enchanted with soul speed, 1, ~1.74%
  3. Potion of fire resistance, 1, ~1.74%
  4. Splash potion of fire resistance, 1, ~1.74%
  5. Water bottle, 1, ~2.18%
  6. Iron nugget, 10-36, ~2.18%
  7. Ender pearl, 2-4, ~2.18%
  8. String, 3-9, ~4.36%
  9. Nether quartz, 5-12, ~4.36%
  10. Obsidian, 1, ~8.71%
  11. Crying obsidian, 1-3, ~8.71%
  12. Fire charge, 1, ~8.71%
  13. Leather, 2-4, ~8.71%
  14. Soul sand, 2-8, ~8.71%
  15. Nether brick, 2-8, ~8.71%
  16. Spectral arrow, 6-12, ~8.71%
  17. Gravel, 8-16, ~8.71%
  18. Blackstone, 8-16, ~8.71%

Minecraft bedrock edition also shares this same exact list, however, instead of spectral arrows, piglins will drop regular arrows of the same quantity and percent chance.

Utilize these trade deals whenever stuck in the nether, for some obsidian to create a portal, or ender pearls for finding the stronghold as the speedrunners do. Soul speed, the enchantment available at an average of 91 gold ingots for one book, increases the players walking speed on soul sand at the cost of durability.

No matter the case, go out and find some of that nether gold, turn it into ingots and head on over to the closest piglin and have a go, never know what they might drop.

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