How to use a trapdoor in Minecraft

All types of trapdoors in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
All types of trapdoors in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft allows players to craft a lot of different items using other things. One of the most useful items that do not require a lot of resources to craft is trapdoors. Players can find them in shipwrecks and villages, where they are commonly used as decoration next to the windows of the houses.

The type of trapdoor that will generate in the village depends on the biome. Minecraft has nine different kinds of trapdoors, and eight are made of wood. Apart from wood, gamers can also create an iron trapdoor using iron ingots, but their crafting recipes are different.


To craft a wooden trapdoor, users need to place six planks on the crafting table or four ingots if they want an iron trapdoor. The best thing about trapdoors is that even wooden trapdoors cannot catch fire. Therefore, players can use them to block flowing lava.

Trapdoors in Minecraft

An open jungle trapdoor (Image via Minecraft)
An open jungle trapdoor (Image via Minecraft)

How can players use trapdoors?

Using wooden trapdoors is very straightforward. Gamers can place it on a solid block and close or open it by clicking the use button (right-click by default in Java Edition).

They can also power it using redstone to close or open. Iron trapdoors cannot be opened simply by pressing the use button, and they will have to power it using redstone.

The trapdoor hinge will be on the block on which it was attached. Even if that block is broken, the trapdoor will stay there.

Mobs will always treat trapdoors as solid blocks and cannot walk over them. Users can take advantage of this feature to move mobs wherever they want to.

How to crawl underneath a trapdoor?

Player crawling under a trapdoor (Image via Minecraft)
Player crawling under a trapdoor (Image via Minecraft)

Crawling beneath a trapdoor can be helpful when players want to enter a hole or tunnel which is only one block wide. To do this, they need to place a trapdoor directly next to them and open it.

This allows gamers to lie below it and slither inside a hole. They can only stay in this position if they are under the trapdoor or have entered a hole.

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