Top 5 uses of trap doors in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Trap doors in Minecraft can be used for much more than they were originally designed for. Minecraft trap doors are useful in a wide variety of different situations. Minecraft experts have figured out uses for trap doors that completely change certain aspects of the game. With these simple tricks, trap doors turn into far more than just a way to get in and out of houses or rooms.

Top 5 best uses for trap doors in Minecraft

5) Step up a build

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Though there are some very unique and interesting ways to use them, trap doors still excel at their intended use as a building block. Trap doors are some of the most versatile blocks when it comes to building and can find a place in almost any kind of Minecraft build.

Some of the most popular uses of trap doors include sectioning off secret underground rooms, establishing where an employee-only section begins and ends in a restaurant build.

Trap doors can also be used to build drawbridges, which are a great option for players who use boats in their waterways frequently, or wish to stop mobs from crossing a bridge.

4) Suffocation prevention

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Suffocating in a block is one of the worst ways to die in Minecraft, especially considering no enchantment will stop it. Suffocation happens especially often when mining blocks that are affected by gravity such as sand and gravel. However, players will no longer have to lose all of their rare items when visiting places like desert temples if they opt to keep a trap door in their inventory.

Similar to torches, trap doors can be placed on the ground beneath the player to prevent falling blocks from causing an unintentional death. As long as the trap door is in a closed position, falling blocks will simply break and enter the player’s inventory, saving well-prepared Minecrafters from certain death.

3) Control hostile mobs

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Trap doors can be used to control the movements and spawning of hostile mobs in a few different useful ways.

Trap doors are a popular alternative to regular doors. When playing on the hard difficulty setting, zombies are known to break down wooden doors in order to enter houses, killing villagers and players alike. However, trap doors prevent this from happening completely.

Trap doors can also be used against spiders. A wall that is completely covered in trap doors will make it impossible for spiders to climb up. Finally, trap doors can also be used to prevent all hostile mobs except for creepers from spawning.

Though this might seem negative in some ways, it can be very useful in building a creeper spawner and gunpowder farm, such as the one highlighted in this article. This means that trap doors are useful in thwarting the evil plots of almost all overworld monsters.

2) Dog whistle

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Because trap doors open up and down as opposed to back and forth like a standard Minecraft door, they open up a lot of opportunities for creative Minecrafters. One of the most creative ways to use trap doors is very niche, but very useful. Trap doors can be used to call pet wolves.

This trick is super helpful in multiplayer worlds, where a friend can help out with using the trap door. However, with enough redstone, players can successfully call their wolves to them in a single player game as well.

To make the trick work, simply place a trapdoor above a water source block and sit a tamed wolf on top of it. Once the wolf’s owner is sufficiently far away, have a friend or pulse of redstone open the trap door, causing the wolf to fall into the water. To prevent itself from drowning, the wolf will stand, causing it to be teleported to the player, even across incredibly long distances.

1) Getting down and dirty

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Most Minecraft players know that in order to enter a space, there must be an opening at least two blocks tall. However, by using a trap door, the player can fit into spaces smaller than two blocks.

Trap doors allow skilled gamers to fit into one block tunnels. To make this work, a player just needs to place a trap door directly next to them and open it up. This will cause the player to be forced into a lying position, which lets them wriggle into tiny openings in structures.

This trap door trick can be useful in many situations, from creating efficient strip mines and saving pickaxe durability, to sneaking around in secret tunnels like a crewmate from Among Us. Players using this trick should practice first, however, as it can prove dangerous when standing back up. Players can get stuck in positions that they cannot get out of or even suffocate in blocks if done incorrectly.

Check out this video that goes in-depth on how to use trap doors to crawl in Minecraft:


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