5 best uses for boats in Minecraft

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Boats in Minecraft have far more uses than one may think.

Boats are handy in various in-game scenarios. They are extremely simple to make, requiring only six wood planks of any kind. When playing in survival mode, it is always a good idea to either have a boat, or to carry enough wood in their inventories to craft an emergency boat if necessary.

This list provides some helpful boat tips that Minecraft players can use to their advantage.

Why boats are useful in Minecraft

5) Water Travel

Of course, the most common way to use a boat in Minecraft is to travel fast in water. Boats come in handy in ocean biomes where water is abundant and land is scarce. When trekking across large areas of a map, boats are far more effective than running on foot or swimming.

Not only is traveling by boat substantially quicker than swimming, it is also much safer. There is no risk of drowning while a player is in a boat. While players in boats are still at risk of being attacked by mobs, the wood does provide an extra barrier of protection against water mobs like drowneds.

4) Ice Travel

Ice is not as common as water in typical world seeds, but it can be useful nonetheless. According to the Minecraft laws of physics, boats on ice go significantly faster than on water, making it an even more efficient method of travel.

If players wanted to connect two significant areas of a world together separated by water, they could turn long strips of the water into ice, thus creating a speedy transportation system using boat travel. Additionally, using a boat on ice can help players outrun any mobs chasing after them much faster than on foot.

3) Nether Travel

Many Minecraft players agree that the Nether can be quite frustrating to travel in. Boats can make the adventure of locating the Nether Fortress much easier.

The Nether is usually full of odd layers, often making it inconvenient to get from one part of a biome to the next. To combat this, players can hop on a boat and drop from high layers onto lower ones without taking fall damage.

It is important to maintain as much health as possible while in the Nether, because there are many threats within the realm. Boats can help players avoid any unnecessary loss of hearts while searching for the Nether Fortress.

Players should not try to use a boat to travel in lava, however, because the wood will burn, causing the player to die and lose everything in their inventory.

2) Trapping mobs

Trapping mobs is one of the most unique ways to use boats in Minecraft.

Players can simply place a boat next to a mob they want to trap, then most mobs will sit down inside the boat. The mobs will be unable to leave the boat unless it is manually broken. From there, players can hop on the boat with the mob to bring it somewhere else, or they can use the trap to their advantage in battle.

Players can trap endermen in boats for a safe fight, trap villagers to move them closer to a base, trap animals to move them into a farm and so much more.

1) Avoiding fall damage

The best use of boats in Minecraft by far is the ability to avoid fall damage. As mentioned earlier, players do not take fall damage when falling from high places while inside a boat.

Boats can be used to jump off high cliffs, or as clutch tools to avoid death when knocked off of any high place such as an end spike. Many players use water buckets to break their fall by placing the item on the block below, just a moment before hitting the ground. Boats can be used in the exact same way. The only difference is that players must sit down in the boat as they land, or else they will still hit the ground too hard and die.

YouTube sensation Dream is known for utilizing this trick, most notably in a recent manhunt video, where he crafted a boat in mid-air while falling from a high pillar. However, a clutch save such as this one takes extreme skill and practice. In fact, this move was so impressive that many accused Dream of cheating to achieve it. Check out this insane feat in the manhunt video here:


Regardless, it’s clear that Minecraft players can continually use boats for so much more than originally intended.

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