“I'll do it when George is here”: When Minecraft streamer Dream disclosed his plans for face reveal

Dream wearing his mask (Image via Twitter)
Dream wearing his mask (Image via Twitter)
Akshat Kabra

Dream is one of the best Minecraft players and content creators of all time. His insane gameplay and viral videos are not only hailed in the Minecraft community but are appreciated everywhere on the internet. Even after being in the spotlight, Dream's face remains in the darkness, behind his famous smiling mask.

In February 2021, the Minecraft streamer was interviewed by another famous YouTuber named Kavos. This was his second interview with Kavos, where Dream majorly talked about his stans and fans. But later, they had a conversation surrounding Dream's long-awaited face reveal.

Minecraft streamer Dream's plans for the face reveal in an interview


After a long conversation about some of Dream's toxic stans, they arrived at the question of whether Dream would do a fan meet-up when he revealed his face.

To this, Dream expresses his affection for his fans and how he is looking forward to it. Kavos pointed out that it would be better to meet the fans after the face reveal, to which Dream agreed. Dream also shared his thoughts on doing a surprise face reveal at the meet-up itself.

Dream on Kavos's interview (Image via YouTube)
Dream on Kavos's interview (Image via YouTube)

After this, Kavos directly asked the long-awaited question of when will Dream reveal his face. Dream answered at 19 minutes 56 seconds:

"This is an exclusive. I've been planning, and I think I want to do it very early next year. But that'll only be if Corona is gone."

Dream then explains how he has other things planned around his face revealed after the Corona pandemic dies down. He talks about his best friend and fellow Minecraft player, GeorgeNotFound and how he intends to show his face when he comes to the US. He quotes this at 20 minutes 18 seconds into the interview:

"I would be able to do it when my friend George who's in the UK is here. I wouldn't want to do it unless he's here."
GeorgeNotFound mentioned on Dream's interview (Image via YouTube)
GeorgeNotFound mentioned on Dream's interview (Image via YouTube)

Dream explains how GeorgeNotFound is close to him, and he is in all of Dream's videos. Hence he wants to reveal his face when meeting up with GeorgeNotFound.

Dream later declared that he wouldn't reveal his face in a YouTube video and wanted to do a proper meet-up and event for it. Kavos assured Dream that the face reveal video can get a lot of views, but Dream disagreed, stating this at 21 minutes 4 seconds into the interview:

"It depends on what I do. If I did like a Minecraft something with my face in it. Maybe that can get more (views). Its hard to beat the views my videos get."

Lastly, when asked if he would be doing Minecraft videos and streams with a face cam, Dream denied the idea. He later sounded confused about his plans and still hasn't decided what he'll do after his face is revealed.

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