"I was suspended on Twitter": Dream on why he didn't tweet anything during Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2021

Dream and Minecraft Live 2021 (Image via Dream and Mojang)
Dream and Minecraft Live 2021 (Image via Dream and Mojang)

Before Minecraft Live 2021, the entire Minecraft community was in a dilemma because of the much-anticipated mob vote. This year's mob vote was a tough one as every candidate was so useful and adorable.

In the end, the mob vote went pretty smoothly, and Allay became the winner. Glare was the first mob to be eliminated, and later Copper Golem was defeated by Allay. Mob Vote 2021 didn't end up with as much controversy as last year's.

Many fans were surprised to see Minecraft star Dream make no comments during the live stream, whereas he made a complete mess last year. Today, Dream took to Twitter to explain the reason behind his absence.

The reason behind Dream's absence during Minecraft Live 2021


Minecraft star Dream is among the biggest and fastest-growing content online. His fan base mainly consists of young kids who love watching Dream's Minecraft videos.

Last year, Dream asked his fans and friends to vote for Glow Squids. This led to the entire poll getting rigged as other streamers also started asking their fans to vote for the same mob of their choice.

Many players started hating Dream for his actions. To avoid another such controversy, Dream announced he would not advocate for any mob candidate during Minecraft Live 2021. Even after this announcement, fans expected some reaction from him during the event.

Unfortunately, the sensational Minecraft star was missing on the day of the biggest Minecraft event. Dream tweeted out and explained the reason behind his absence:

I was literally suspended on Twitter for 24 hours and then didn’t tweet anything during the entire mob vote day and there’s still TikTok’s with hundreds of thousands of views saying I rigged the vote again

Dream was blocked on Twitter for 24 hours and thus couldn't vote for his favourite mob at Minecraft Live 2021. This was an unfortunate event for him as every streamer eagerly awaits the yearly Minecraft stream.

On top of that, Dream was angry at TikTok users for falsely blaming him for rigging Mob Vote 2021. After Minecraft Live 2021 ended, many fake videos were uploaded on TikTok, accusing Dream of manipulating the votes again.

Friends and fans expressed sympathy for Dream and joked made fun of his haters in the comments:

Minecraft community is known for its creativity and wholesomeness. But after last year's controversy, many players started thinking ill of Dream. This time Dream acted maturely and didn't affect the mob vote, yet many TikTok videos are putting him in a negative way.

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