List of All Minecraft potions and Recipes

Each potion has different effects, therefore requires different recipes (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Each potion has different effects, therefore requires different recipes (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

In Minecraft, potions can be so helpful in so many ways. There are tons of different potions within the game that have a wide variety of uses. Minecraft potions can be found in various places around any given Minecraft world, but players can also brew any kind of potion they desire all by themselves.

Because there are so many potions in Minecraft, it can be quite hard to keep track of how to make them. The following is a guide to creating every single kind of Minecraft potion, and what ingredients are required for their recipes.

Required Materials to Make Minecraft potions


To make potions, some items are always necessary in Minecraft. These include:

  • Brewing stand
  • Blaze powder (to heat the brewing stand)
  • Water source (cauldron or any other kind)
  • Glass bottles

How to make every Minecraft Potion easily

In a Nutshell: Place an awkward potion at the bottom of a Brewing Stand’s interface, place the ingredient in the top slot. After 10 seconds, your potion will be brewed.

To make any kind of potion in Minecraft, there is one step that must be done before any other. This is making an awkward potion, the base for every other potion type. To make an awkward potion, players must combine a water bottle with nether wart in a brewing stand.

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From there, converting awkward potions into specific types of potions is quite easy, so long as gamers have the correct ingredients. Gamers must simply put the awkward potion in combination with the specific ingredient into a brewing stand.

The following are every type of Minecraft potion and the required ingredients for their recipes:

  • Potion of Speed - sugar
  • Potion of Jump Boost - rabbit’s foot
  • Potion of Instant Health - glistering melon slice
  • Potion of Poison - spider eye
  • Potion of Water Breathing - Pufferfish
  • Potion of Fire Resistance - magma cream
  • Potion of Night vision - golden carrot
  • Potion of Strength - blaze powder
  • Potion of Regeneration - ghast tear
  • Potion of Slowness / Resistance - turtle shell
  • Potion of Slow Falling - phantom membrane

How to Improve Potions

On top of these ingredients, there are a number of other optional ingredients that players can add in Minecraft. These optional ingredients incorporate different effects onto the potion. They are:

  • Glowstone dust (makes the potion more intense)
  • Redstone dust (makes the potion last longer)
  • Gunpowder (converts to splash potion)
  • Dragon’s breath (makes the potion lingering)

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